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New disposable Takeaway Noodle Boxes - what are their benefits?

(January 27, 2012)  The new range of takeaway food pails feature round sides and a square top for a completely individual disposable takeaway food experience. The striking construction is specifically engineered for the highest level of strength and heat resistance. These takeaway food pails are made from PE coated ..

Paper Cups for Hot Drinks

(January 18, 2012)  We frequently get asked which paper cups we would recommend to our customers; the answer primarily depends on the heat of hot drink you intend to use. We hold a wide range of hot cups from single-wall plain paper cups , to our latest triple wall ‘Ultimate’ paper cups. The main ..

Hot Drink Paper Cups Explained

(February 23, 2011)  This is a very common query; the answer primarily depends on the tempurature of beverage you intend to use. We stock a wide range of cups from single-wall plain cups, to our newest triple wall “Ultimate" paper cups. The key difference is the insulating properties of the specific cup type. ..

Disposable Party Supplies for the festive season.

(August 18, 2010)  Folk need no excuse to throw a party if there is an occasion or event to be celebrated, like a victory party in school or office, new job or promotion from work, wedding party, birthday party and so on. Hence, buying your Party Supplies online is beneficial from both a choice and financial point of .

Disposable Paper Cups for Coffee

(April 01, 2010)  Did you know that there could be far more to your hot drink paper cups than than there seems? A lot of people do not realise that any disposable vessel designed to come into contact with food or beverages has to meet certain requirements. In the example here, the paper coffee cups found throughout ..

Bean to Cup Office Coffee Machines

(March 09, 2010)  There are masses of Automatic Coffee Machines available today. A fairly new machine type are Pod Coffee Machines which serve double or single shots of coffee through the use of capsules of coffee rather than loose grounds. These capsules of coffee house the coffee grounds so that the coffee is ..

Choosing the right coffee machine?

(December 04, 2009)  Anybody looking for a coffee machine for home use will no doubt have been overwhelmed by the large number of coffee makers available to buy. There are many types of coffee makers available from pump coffee machines, automatic coffee makers, bean to cup coffee makers and now even hand held coffee ..

New Reusable Plastic Shot Glasses

(November 23, 2009)  The days of the dusty saloon are done. The clinking of heavy glass shot glasses has gone the way of the tumbleweed. Plastic shot glasses have come into their own. Once believed to only be suitable for disposable glass, Polycarbonate and Polystyrene shot glasses have had a massive impact on the bar ..

Green Festivals for the environmentally conscious age

(September 22, 2009)  As we are now enjoying the very best our summer has to offer, it can only mean that the festival season is well and truly in full swing. Recent festivals have included the Isle of Wight Festival as well as the ever popular Glastonbury Festival. For the first time in years neither of these festivals .

Pint Glasses of the Future

(September 01, 2009)  A new safety pint tumbler is being developed by an agency called Design Bridge in an effort to solve the big problem of glasses being used in violent assaults. On behalf of the Design and Technology Alliance Against Crime, the Design Council has appointed Design Bridge to create a new kind of pint ..

Unbreakable Polycarbonate Pint glasses to replace glassware

(July 15, 2009)  Unbreakable Plastic Pint Glasses and rigid Polystrene Reusable Pint Tumblers are now a common feature in clubs and pubs up and down the United Kingdom, increasingly so since the introduction of the smoking ban. As people who smoke are forced outside to feed their habit - taking their Pint Glass ..

The Great Champagne Flute Debate

(July 10, 2009)  Often people question the description of One Piece Injection Moulded Plastic Champagne Flutes, the query being what does One Piece refer? This simply means that the product is in-one-piece, not in two or three parts. There are many Champagne Glasses for sale which come with the bases not attached, ..

Ceramic Cups vs Paper Cups

(June 19, 2009)  Many coffee chains in the UK and US are now offering price breaks if customers bring ceramic coffee tumblers instead of using the stores own paper coffee cups. Most are lauded for their commitment to looking after our environment but is there any proof that these changes will have the desired ..


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