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The Secret to Using Your Amortization Spreadsheet to Save $1 ...

(September 26, 2008)  If you were to look at the how your mortgage amortizes, you would find the early months’ payments would include a lot of interest and only a little principle being paid. Conversely, you'd find down toward the bottom of the amortization table, or spreadsheet, where the mortgage is in its ..

Finding an Adjustable Rate Amortization Calculator

(September 15, 2008)  Amortization calculators are important for those of us who want to see how much principal and interest we are paying off each month as we make our payments. It is also important to see how much more rapidly we will pay off our mortgage if we add extra money to our payments. If however, we have an ..

Payoff Mortgage Or Invest - Which is My Best Bet

(September 14, 2008)  Wouldn't it be nice if someone walked up to you and gave you the amount of money you need to pay off your mortgage? Of course, if there were no strings attached, it would be a great thing to happen to you. Then, your next likely question would be: “should I actually pay off my mortgage with ..

How to Calculate an Early Mortgage Payoff

(September 12, 2008)  At your mortgage closing, once you sign on the dotted line you have made a commitment for a long time; usually 30 years. Today, the commitment is often even longer because the 40 year mortgage is now becoming popular. When you look to see how much principal you have paid by the end of your ..

An Early Mortgage Payoff Will Save You 10's of Thousands of ...

(September 12, 2008)  I know many people who just can't wait to pay off their mortgages. They work extra jobs and scrape and cut corners just so they can have some extra money to pay toward their mortgage principal each month. In some cases, this is exactly the right thing to do because paying off a mortgage early will ..

Affordable Student Loans Need a Deferment Period

(April 12, 2008)  Going to college takes a bunch of money these days! Invariably, most students end up with an amount due after their graduation and this amount will be more than the original borrowed amount. This is due to the fact many student loan include a deferment period. After all, how affordable would a ..

The No Chance For Foreclosure Method to Calculate a Mortgage ...

(January 24, 2008)  As long as you know how many years you will be paying your mortgage, the interest rate of the mortgage and how much money you will be borrowing, you can easily calculate a mortgage payment. The only problem is you will only find out how much principle and interest you will be paying each month. ..


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