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Soaring Energy Prices Cause Widespread Debt Problems

(September 15, 2008)  For many home owners 2008 hasn't exactly gone smoothly with the cost of living going through the roof with regards to almost every element of our lives; Car fuel, food, even the mortgages we buy our homes with have gone so high that they have priced many people out of the housing market as well as ..

Gold and Platinum Card Benefits Far Out-Weigh the Costs

(September 15, 2008)  Getting a credit card normally means you're able to pay for goods that you cannot afford to pay in cash, larger purchases mean it's more practical to carry a credit card rather than a briefcase full of money. Being able to repay the credit card purchases off at a slower rate whilst unadvisable is ..

Local Council's Debt Problems Go to Extreme Lengths

(September 15, 2008)  With mortgage rates on the rise, fuel and food prices skyrocketing and less credit cards being approved it is understandable that many people are battling with their financial position to keep it out of the red. We may be driving less, not throwing as much food out among other methods of cutting ..

Barclaycard Plans to Do Away With Plastic Credit Cards

(September 15, 2008)  In the future we may not have to pay for purchases using credit cards, well not in the conventional sense anyway. Paying by using your credit card in the past typically involved your card being presented to the cashier and it having an imprint taken using a rolling press and ink paper, this was ..

Your New Home and Down Payments

(September 09, 2008)  In order to buy a new house you're likely going to need a fairly large sum of money behind you, if there is more than one person buying, such as being a couple or a family then you are going to have a slightly easier time but it's still a massive expense, if not the greatest expenditure you're ..

Councils Campaign to Become Local Mortgage Lenders

(September 04, 2008)  When you try and get a mortgage these days it may be just out of your reach, whether it's a full or part mortgage many companies have their hands tied with the current credit crunch and are unable to dish out money and run that risk, no matter how good your financial situation is. The thing is ..

Lenders Appeal to the Government For Bank of England's Swap ...

(September 04, 2008)  Getting a mortgage in this day and age has become increasingly impossible for the general public; this obviously leads to less people being able to get a mortgage that will assist them in buying a house and brings about the current housing crisis facing much of the British public. This outcry for ..

Pick a Credit Card, Any Credit Card

(July 22, 2008)  At the moment there's a bit of trepidation over getting a credit card, banks are less likely to approve an application with the proverbial credit crunch being in full effect and even if you are able to get approved the interest rates are anything but cheap. The thing is that whilst using a credit ..

Growing Debts Affect University Students

(July 20, 2008)  It's well known that people who choose to go to university will likely have accepted that they're going to come out the other end of the four years studying with a debt thanks to student loans covering housing, tuition fees, books and the occasional crazy night out on the town. Chances are anyone ..

95% Mortgages Next on the Chopping Block?

(July 13, 2008)  Earlier this week the last mortgage lender who offered a 100% mortgage, one which does not require a deposit for buying a new house, withdrew their offers. This essentially means that now if you were to buy a new home you would need a deposit of some percentage in order to secure a house. As this ..

Never Mind Mortgage Rates, Its Fees That Sting You!

(July 13, 2008)  When people look at getting a mortgage they tend to look at one thing and one thing only, the interest rates. These are the headline grabbing figures that you'll see newspapers harking on about and what many mortgage advisers keep an eye on. The thing is that whilst these rates can fluctuate up and .

Overseas Mortgages Staying Afloat

(July 13, 2008)  With the current financial climate it's nigh on impossible to get a mortgage in this country, the increased cost of living is all we hear about these days and it's had a knock on effect on almost every facet of modern living. Getting a mortgage if you're a first time buyer is extremely difficult ..

Lifetime Tracker Mortgages May End a Lifetime of Heartache

(July 13, 2008)  Try getting a mortgage deal with nice and low repayment rates and chances are you'll come up dry as recently lenders have become increasingly choosy over who gets their money and many people have found themselves priced out of the mortgage and house buying game having to resort to renting or ..

Mortgage Rates Stay Sky High Despite Swap Rates

(July 08, 2008)  By now we all know how dire the financial world has become, how the current credit crunch has meant big problems for most of us. The rising cost of living has left a lot of people struggling to make it, thanks to rises in food costs and fuel prices. In a week where the Prime Minister urges other ..

The Cost of Living Silences Mortgage and Lending Industry

(July 03, 2008)  There are a number of aspects of every day life that are starting to gradually go up. It's been highly publicized that the cost of Diesel and Petrol for cars has skyrocketed, since the beginning of the year initially going over one pound per litre but now it is more like £1.20 for petrol and ..

How Tough is it to Get a Credit Card

(July 01, 2008)  You'll have no doubt by now heard all about how globally we're in a bit of a fix with regards to money. At the moment (and for quite a while the Bank of England says) trying to get any form of lending is either impossible or extremely tough. Whilst banks are not openly saying don't come though our .

A Brief History of Strange Debt

(February 06, 2008)  We normally associate being in debt with woes and stress, this is obviously true as no one likes owing money to their friends let alone the big banks and credit card companies. Sometimes debt can be decidedly strange from getting calls about someone else's debt because you have the same name to ..

Credit Cards, Are You Left With A Hangover From Christmas?

(January 23, 2008)  It's no secret that through no fault of our own we spend at Christmas, we spend a lot. Expensive Christmas presents such as video game consoles like the Nintendo Wii and high-tech music players like iPods the holiday period can end up being quite pricey on presents alone. The advice given to cope ..

Fixed Mortgage Rates Cut - About Time Too

(January 22, 2008)  More than a month after the Bank of England cut base rates for fixed mortgages borrowers are finally seeing the benefit of some more attractive deals. Building Societies and banks blamed the slow start due to the high swap rates that banks charge to lend to each other, no doubt exacerbated by the ..

Credit Card Payments - Give Them The Finger Instead

(January 21, 2008)  In 2002 a supermarket chain, Thriftway in Washington, USA introduced a new scheme that allowed customers to pay for their shopping in a different, simpler method. Once shoppers sign up they can pay at the tills using just their finger, specifically their fingerprint. It's an inventive solution to ..

Show Your True Colours With Football Credit Cards

(January 21, 2008)  Football (or soccer if you're American) is the most popular team sport in the United Kingdom. Saturday afternoons are dominated by the hundreds of games being played up and down the country, each team with their own personal army of supporters who are often willing to follow their team all over the .

Payday Loans - The Quick-fire fix

(December 20, 2007)  Most of us may find ourselves a bit out of pocket at some point, whilst we're not one of the many people who are unfortunately in debt, money may still be tight. Whilst it could be possible to ask friends or family members to lend some money for a short period, for some people this isn't possible ..

Loan Sharks - Make Sure You Don't Sleep With the Fishes!

(December 18, 2007)  Illegal money lenders or Loan Sharks as they're not-so-affectionately known as are money lenders who do not adhere to the Office of Fair Trading's code of practices. They are the types of money lenders you see in gangster movies where the character lends money from a dubious organisation and ends ..

IVAs - A lifeline Against Bankruptcy

(December 18, 2007)  Overspending this Christmas will force 10,000 people to declare themselves insolvent, and in many cases they would normally be expected to further their woes by declaring bankruptcy as an extreme debt solution. Declaring bankruptcy is a very traumatic experience as it can cause more than financial ..

Secured or Unsecured Loans - That is the Question

(December 17, 2007)  You may think that loans are simply sums of money you lend off the bank for large expenses, perhaps home improvements. In some cases loans can help pay off debts elsewhere and then you pay it back in more manageable repayments. This is fundamentally true but like most financial matters there are a ..


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