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Fresh Start Loans After Bankruptcy

(April 01, 2007)  Bankruptcy is one option most debtors consider for a fresh financial start. The lending industry has opened up today and there are many options available for fresh start personal loans in UK. Getting finance after bankruptcy was believed to be extremely difficult but today the fresh start loan ..

IVA - Helping UK Debtors Out Of Debt Crisis!

(March 19, 2007)  IVA stands for Individual Voluntary Arrangement and they specifically help UK debtors find their way out of debt. Nearly 20 years ago, the Insolvency Act of 1986 introduced the IVA. It is a formal, legally binding process that allows a debtor struggling with unsecured debts to make a payment ..

Bankruptcy Alternative - Is Bankruptcy Still Your Best Bet?

(March 19, 2007)  No chance of repaying your debts, no assets to pledge for any more loans, creditors are threatening action against you – Does this sound like a situation you’re in? You probably feel that bankruptcy is the best option for you but have you considered the long term effects of bankruptcy? You ..

IVA Advice - Will You Benefit?

(March 15, 2007)  An IVA offers the much required respite for a troubled debtor. It allows a debtor to make a formal proposal to pay their creditors a significant percentage of your debt over a period of time with monthly repayments and after the set period of time you would be free of your debts. An IVA enables ..

Life after Bankruptcy

(March 15, 2007)  Bankruptcy is the last resort for any debtor wherein he/she legally declares the inability to pay back the debt owed. In most cases bankruptcy is initiated by the debtor or the organization. However creditors can also request bankruptcy in an effort to get back what they are owed. After filing ..

Bankruptcy: Should You File or Not?

(January 18, 2007)  In any sphere of life the first step to overcoming a problem is recognizing it. If financial worries keep you awake at night its time you recognized what the problem is. Addressing your debt problem is the least you can do to save yourself from a debt trap. But if you find yourself with no option ..

Debt Help: Improve Your Financial Prowess

(January 10, 2007)  Are you at the end of the rope financially? Wondering whether you can get out of debt fast without filing for bankruptcy or debt repayment plans which could take years to pay off? Debt help can help you find out. Debt creeps up on you without any warning. Most of us ignore it until debts spiral ..

Debt Consolidation: The Darkness of Debt Will Scare You No More

(January 04, 2007)  You have taken too many loans and are troubled by a number of repayments at the end of every month. Creditors harass you with repeated calls and threaten legal notices. You are stressed out and anxious about your financial future. Yes, life can be hard with the load of bad debts pulling you down. ..

Scale New Heights with a Business Loan

(January 04, 2007)  Whenever anyone thinks of starting or expanding business venture finance is always a key concern. However Business Loans can help deal with your financial requirements irrespective of your business size or need. Business loans can be categorized into secured and unsecured loans. Secured Business ..


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