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Valentine's Day Special: Why Is FD The Best Investment Optio ...

(February 12, 2019)  Valentine's Day is in the air, with hopes of couples old and young to find the perfect match and live the perfect life together. However, to have a smooth transition from a couple to a family, financial security is the key. A number of factors determine your financial security–your income ..

4 Rules to Follow When You Apply for a Personal Loan

(February 10, 2019)  The personal loan is one of the best funding solutions to sort out your immediate needs for money. If you have the required personal loan eligibility, you can apply for it to cover your many urgent needs. Many leading banks and non-banking finance companies (NBFCs) are ready to offer a personal ..

4 Secret Tips To Improve Your Home Loan Eligibility

(February 08, 2019)  Whether you are considering buying your first house or a second property as a holiday home or as an investment, you know that home loans are the best way to supplement your savings and purchase a home. To finance your home using a loan, meeting the housing loan eligibility criteria, which varies ..

All you need to know about the Impact of External Benchmarks ...

(January 17, 2019)  When it comes to taking a loan against property as well as other loans, internal benchmarking meant that lenders could use purely in-house parameters such as internal policies and costs of funds to decide the interest rate. External benchmarking means that personal, auto, and loan against property ..

What are the Ways to Set a Credit Card Payment Option?

(January 16, 2019)  Most people using credit cards or planning to use one often worry about the hassles of making payments. Visiting the financial company for making a credit card payment every month is indeed troublesome, considering consumers’ busy schedules. Again, missing the payment due date can attract ..

Switch To Loan App Online And Apply For Instant Finance

(January 02, 2019)  Are you looking to apply for an instant personal loan? But, are you unable to do that because of time constraints? If yes, then you are not alone! Yes, a majority of prospective loan applicants don’t apply for loans because of time-based issues. They are unable to find time out of their ..

Have A Look At How GST Impact The Small Business Enterprises

(December 31, 2018)  GST or the Goods and Services Tax is being hailed as one of the strongest tax reform initiatives that India has seen in a long time. Simply put, it is going to put an end to the multiple numbers of taxes on various goods and services that a consumer has to pay, and it is going to come under one ..

Want a Top-up Loan? Here's Everything You should Know

(December 31, 2018)  A top-up loan is an additional loan that you get over and above your home loan. A top-up loan can be useful as it allows you to meet extra financial burdens. For instance, you may need to renovate your house after buying it. You may even have to add an extra room to the house. Such activities ..

Reasons to Buy Your Dream Bike With a Personal Loan

(December 14, 2018)  A two-wheeler loan can be your obvious choice when buying your dream bike. These loans are specially designed for making such purchases and offered by a multitude of financial institutions. One of the excellent alternatives to two-wheeler loans is a personal loan that is also offered by numerous ..

6 Smart Ways to Expand an Engineering Business in India

(November 15, 2018)  With a GDP growth rate of more than 8%, India is witnessing a boom across all market segments. More and more self-employed engineers are nowadays expanding their businesses. There are many ways to expand an engineering business. Taking a business finance for engineers is just one of the steps. ..

5 Factors to Keep in Mind While Looking for a Medical Equipm ...

(November 02, 2018)  Running a successful medical practice warrants access to quality medical equipment. Right from small instruments like a stethoscope to big ones such as an MRI machine, each equipment has its own role to play. However, purchasing or upgrading medical equipment at pre-defined intervals requires a ..

Why Choose Godrej Greens Property in Undri, Pune

(October 29, 2018)  Undri is one of the most advanced prime locations in Pune city. The Godrej Greens is located at a green location in Undri, Pune with access to city hubs. When it comes to comfortable living, the Godrej Greens is an ideal location to pace up your life in Pune. Live the landmark at the Godrej ..

Need More Money? Try Loan Against Securities

(October 29, 2018)  As the name suggests, a Loan against Securities (LAS) is a loan offered against marketable securities. This includes your stocks, mutual funds, bonds and insurance policies. As a borrower, you can pledge your financial investments to borrow funds from a bank or Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC). .

Is it Worth Expanding Your Small Business With SME Finance?

(October 24, 2018)  If your business is 3 or more years old, then it’s time you take it to the ‘medium’ grading. You have stood the test of time and made your company versatile. You have a wide market reach and a stable consumer base with a sustainable retention rate. Now, it’s time you should .

Easy Ways to Check your Personal Loan Application Status

(October 01, 2018)  With the upcoming festival season around the bend, you may need some quick funds to make necessary purchases. A personal loan at the time of festivals is a good idea, as it helps in easing your financial burden. Be it for a festival loan or any other urgent need, choose from a range of personal ..

Top Things to Consider while Selecting your Credit Card

(August 20, 2018)  Most people fear that they will come under massive debt because of the high interest rates charged in credit card bill. Well, the fact is the best credit cards in the market offer features and benefits that can be worth all the expenses if managed well. Plus, customers don’t have to pay the ..

Is a Conventional Mortgage Loan Good for You?

(July 17, 2018)  Mortgage loans often deemed as a credible financing option can come to the rescue for financial emergencies by pledging an asset as security with a reliable financial institution. While applicants may often render a mortgage loan to be a risky venture, yet wise application can bring forth ..

Set Your Budget for Buying a Home with the Help of Eligibili ...

(July 12, 2018)  Buying a home and that too on a Home Loan has to be the biggest or the ‘lifetime decision’ of your life! Thus, it becomes for a borrower to calculate home eligibility not only to qualify for a Housing Loan but get it at a lower Home Loan interest rate. Yes, no matter how well settled ..

Home Construction Loan vs. Home Loan - Know the Difference

(June 25, 2018)  When it comes to buying a home, all of us want it to be perfect and within our affordability. However, a dearth of money can force you to look for owning a ready-to-move home or construct one with the help of the home finance. Many people are confused when it comes to selecting a viable financing ..

Cover all your Wedding Expenses using a Personal Loan

(June 18, 2018)  While planning your wedding, irrespective of the initial budget, there is always a possibility of sudden, unaccounted for expenditure that disrupts your budget. A Personal Loan for marriage is a great way to finance all your wedding related requirements. When it comes to your wedding celebration, ..

Things You Have to Note When Taking a Personal Loan as a Sel ...

(June 13, 2018)  Self-employed individuals often find themselves in a unique position as far as availing personal loans is concerned. Here are some of the things you should keep in mind so as to ensure that you are in the best possible financial shape when applying for the loan- Be organized and aware about your ..

Buying a Home? How to Prepare Yourself Financially

(May 22, 2018)  Buying a home and that too on a Home Loan has to be one of the biggest decisions of anyone’s life. However, since a Loan is an amount of money that lenders give you for a tenor at interest rates, you need to repay it. Thus, if you are financially not yet ready for the Home Loan, especially ..

The Advantages of Using a Housing Loan EMI Calculator

(April 26, 2018)  The EMI that you have to pay for your Home Loan will determine how affordable it will be on the whole. And, by using a housing loan EMI calculator, a tool that you can access online, you can get the true value of what each EMI will be. Besides, this calculator is extremely simple to use. All you ..

Credit Card Tips to Make Business Travel Easier

(March 22, 2018)  Credit cards are a great financial tool, which can help you meet both – your everyday expenses and the occasional luxury purchases. They come with many features like easy cash withdrawal, credit to emergency loan conversion, EMI finance options, low annual fees, etc. , along with the best ..

How can Delhi residents benefit from a Bajaj Finserv Persona ...

(January 26, 2018)  There are numerous historical monuments dotting the cityscape of Delhi. Scrumptious food is found easily at every nook and corner, whereas, shopaholics can spend days at any of the many markets. Being the commercial centre in northern India, Delhi has a gross state domestic product of Rs.1,600 ..