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What Slows Down a Computer That Used to Be Really Fast?

(September 27, 2008)  It probably seems like yesterday your PC was going full speed ahead. With high speed Internet cable intact and plenty of RAM loaded up, you never had to wait for anything in cyberspace to appear right in front of your eyes. If you wanted a particular a website or program to run, all you had to do ..

Windows Registry Repair Software is a Necessity With Windows ...

(September 23, 2008)  Why do we now have to deal with registry problems on the new operating systems, Windows XP and Vista when we didn't have to worry about our registries so much with Windows 98 and 95? Doesn't it seem like a new, improved operating system would give us less problems? In this article, we're going to ..

How to Speed Up Your Computer - 5 Things to Look For

(September 15, 2008)  One of the most annoying things I have experienced is when I clicked on a website link stored in My Favorites and the page seemed to take forever to load up. Then, when I went to my word processor it too, took an eternity to load! When I'm operating a computer acting in this way, I will type words ..

5 Tips That Will Help Prevent and Fix Computer Errors

(September 14, 2008)  Computer errors are the bane of any computer operator. Anything that makes your computer stop in the middle of an operation can be very frustrating. When this happens you could lose unsaved work and many times you will have to start a whole project all over again because of a computer error. What's .

Registry Repairs - How to Tell Your Computer Needs Them and ...

(September 12, 2008)  The Windows operating systems consist of millions of files. These files are structured the same way the documents in your Word program are stored. In other words, there are directories, subdirectories and files. This directory/file structure which runs your operating system is called “the ..

Registry Cleaners, Blue Screen and Other Computer Errors

(August 25, 2008)  A blue screen computer error can be a nightmare to anyone operating his or her PC. When it happens, anything that hasn't been saved is lost forever! Still, even though the blue screen error, commonly referred to as the “Blue Screen of Death, " may be the most extreme problem, other common ..

Fixing Computer Crashing

(April 06, 2008)  Most people recognize it as “the blue screen of death. " The computer crash screen can be a very frustrating experience. The sudden appearance of this screen is a terrifying, especially if you were about to finish something important and you forgot to save it. All of your hard work is lost ..


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