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GPS Devices - Your True Travel Mate

(January 28, 2008)  The GPS devices use the Global positioning system with the help of satellites to help you with locations and directions. Whenever you are traveling to an unknown location where you are unfamiliar with the routes and directions, then there is a great probability that you may be lost. Asking people ..

Compaq Presario Laptop - Your Intelligent Choice

(September 02, 2007)  With the boom in the IT sector, Desktop PCs came in the market. Computer literacy became a buzz word. Then multinational companies came into the picture. Manual works were replaced by computers to gain more efficiency and security. At present, the scenario has not changed a lot as computers have ..

Apple iPod Shuffle - Feel the Music in Your Blood

(August 31, 2007)  When it comes to music, the name Apple would definitely come in your mind. Already created ripples in the music world, the company has launched slimmest and world's smallest music gadgets, the Apple iPod shuffle. Available in five stunning colours, iPod shuffle incorporates up to 240 songs in its ..

Sony Playstation 3 - Pushing Limits of the Virtual World

(August 31, 2007)  It has been more than twelve years since the Japanese consumer electronics giant Sony has entered the gaming space. Since their first gaming console offering, Sony PlayStation has been successful in craving out a special name in the game player's niche. Till recently, PlayStation's legacy remained ..

Nintendo Wii - Wii for Victory!

(August 30, 2007)  Starting with its unconventional name to its innovative controller, the Nintendo Wii comes loaded with every unique feature to make it a stand apart gaming console. The device has been a huge success amongst the gaming fraternity, and such is the furore the makers of the celebrated Xboxs and PSPs ..

Sony PSP Giga Pack - All in One

(August 30, 2007)  The product of the Sony Computer Entertainment include multitude of high-end products from AC Adapter, standard battery pack, PSP hardware, headphones with remote control, pouch, cloth, USB cable and a stand. And the best part of the whole gamut is that it includes one gig Memory Stick. It is ..

Sony Play Station 3 - Are You Game?

(August 27, 2007)  Think of a supercomputer for computer entertainment? Sony PlayStation 3 is exactly what it is. Its polished contours and superior graphics output make sure that you are hooked the moment you get a glimpse of this gadget that you also know the name Sony PS3. Splendid visual retreat auger perfect ..

Micro SD Memory Cards - Preserving Precious Memory!

(August 22, 2007)  Nowadays, hardly we can ignore these square-shaped, plastic coated devices; finding place in all of the major storing devices while weighing nearby to an ‘oh-so-liked’ potato chips and bearing the burden of all our ‘memory’ requirements. They are the virtually omnipresent ..

Apple Video iPods - Watch Your Favourite Movies

(August 21, 2007)  Imagine a pocket-size prodigy with video showing capability – Apple introduces a slim, smart and powerful video iPods for consumers all across the world. Now, watch your favourite movies and videos or listen to high quality music tracks on the move. How many tracks and videos you want to ..

Sony VAIO Laptops - Go Smarter

(August 20, 2007)  In a world where portability has become a buzz word, Sony brings some of the slimmest and powerful laptops in the global market. Well-known for its stylish and powerful products like mobile phones and laptops, the company has brought new Sony VAIO laptop models, which are lightweight, powerful, and .

Apple iPod Shuffle - A Real Treat for Your Music Quotient

(August 07, 2007)  When it comes to portable media players, no one can ignore the gigantic presence of Apple, who has been consistently setting the standards for others. Apple is literally on the top with its superb iPod offerings and you would certainly find your favourite one among such a comprehensive range of ..

Sony VAIO N31S-W - Slim and Powerful

(August 06, 2007)  Desktops are being replaced by thin and sleek laptops. Yes, the new age digital world is more advanced and smarter than ever before. Whether you are at home or on the way, with laptops, you can always do your work, wherever you go. Sony has also introduced a series of laptops in its VAIO family, ..

Sandisk Memory Sticks - Make Room for a Whole New World

(August 06, 2007)  Imagine your mobile handset performing the roles of a mobile phone, music player, camera, Internet browser and a gaming console, all packed in one single device. Click your pictures, shoot video clips, or download music. The coming-of-age multitasking devices allow you to do anything you want and ..

Sony VAIO VGN-N11H - Flavour of Style, Innovation, and Versa ...

(August 03, 2007)  Taste the flavour of style, innovation, and versatility with Sony VAIO VGN-N11H. The device shouts elegance at a very first look and comes with enhanced features for interactive management of your personal, professional, and entertainment collection. An ultra-portable powerhouse, this notebook ..

Sony Ericsson Handsfree Kits

(July 22, 2007)  Along with the rapid progress made in the field of mobile technologies, there has been a sea change in our expectations and using habits of mobile phones. Many a times, we are faced with the dilemma of attending an important call or miss it because we have our ‘hands full’. For ..

Apple iPod Shuffle - Music, In a More Refined Way

(July 18, 2007)  For the last five years, Apple has unequivocally dominated the world of hard disk based audio gadgets. Although, the competition has become more stiff these days, but Apple continues to enjoy a dedicated following. And, at the same time, the sudden surge of music phones have also pushed the limit ..

Game Consoles

(July 17, 2007)  In the ‘50s, when the first Computer games appeared, they used vector displays instead of video. However Video Game Consoles made their mark only during the mid seventies. Fierce competition between two main game consoles manufacturer of that time – Magnavox and Atari, had resulted in many ..

Compaq Presario V6254EA - Optimising Your Performance

(July 10, 2007)  Of late, more and more people are preferring laptops than desktops. It is very easy to carry these laptops and you get all the desired assistance from this machine – every time you need that. This is the reason why, many laptop manufacturers have entered the digital world to tap on this infinite ..

Sony PSP - Games People Play

(July 06, 2007)  Video gaming has come a long way since the days of two dimensional games like tetris. With the advancement in multimedia technologies, video games rapidly evolved into one force to reckon with. Better graphics, sound effects clubbed with high definition games to work on such high configuration ..

Giga Pack - Game For Anything

(July 06, 2007)  Any video gaming enthusiast is aware of the Sony PSP – the portable playstation. The Sony PSP gained its popularity because it gives its user the same quality of graphics and sound quality as any other gaming console but could be carried anywhere. For mobile devices like this, memory becomes very .

Nintendo Wii - Enter the Arena

(July 06, 2007)  After tasting sweet success with their earlier gaming console Nintendo GameCube, the Japanese multinational corporation – Nintendo now aims to take the surreal world of video gaming to people previously untouched by this revolution. Their latest gaming console – the Nintendo Wii is not only ..


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