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Is the PIC 16F84 Dead? - The Most Popular Microcontroller Of ...

(April 15, 2008)  Is the 16F84 too old for your electronic projects? If you don't know what a 16F84 is then you have never heard of Microchip(R) - a company that creates powerful stand alone microcontrollers. A microcontroller is simply a very small computer but unlike standard computing systems everything is ..

Adding a Keyboard and LCD to a Microcontroller

(August 11, 2007)  One of the problems in using a microcontroller is that unlike a PC there is no user interface i. e. No screen or keyboard. Reading Keys There are many ways to read a keyboard depending on what you need to do for example: 1. Add an individual key to each input port (with pullup resistor). 2. ..

Can You Control 12 LEDs Using 4 Pins?

(July 19, 2007)  If you have ever done any electronics before you will probably be familiar with multiplexing but charlieplexing adds a new dimension. It's a technique commercially developed at Maxim by Charlie Allen hence the name but you can still use the technique in your own circuits. Note: The actual ..

How To Drive A 64 Led Matrix Display Using 16 Control Lines

(July 08, 2007)  Driving an individual LED is a simple task and all you do is attach the LED through a current limiting resistor to a control line. When the control line goes high the LED lights up and when the control line goes low the LED is off. The problem is that if you try and drive an 8 by 8 matrix in this ..

The 12F675 - A PIC Microcontroller Project Guide

(June 05, 2007)  The 12F675 is one of the smallest PIC Microcontrollers - it's a tiny device with 8 pins but it's packed with peripherals and it even has a built in 10bit ADC which can read analogue inputs from 4 pins. It has the following internal peripherals: 1. Two timers. 2. An analogue comparator. 3. 10 bit ..


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