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SQL Data Recovery - The Role of This Software Tool

(August 16, 2008)  Even with the intrinsic data protection available in an SQL server database system the requirement of SQL data recovery cannot be entirely avoided. Even with the provision of other data security measures such as RAID (redundant array of disks), hard disk crashes, power-related and other inadvertent .

Secure Server Certificate - How To Get Your Own

(March 30, 2008)  The number of online transactions is on the rise and so are the number of threats to modern online transactions and communication exchanges. If you have ever purchased something online, you have been using a secure server certificate (or a SSL). There is a need for secured, encrypted protocols to ..

Computer Skills Training - Attending Classes Is Not The Only ...

(March 29, 2008)  In not only the US or UK, but all over the world there is an ever-increasing need for certified and qualified IT specialists. More and more companies are relying on computers, networks and internet access in order to conduct business and they require skilled computer specialists to manage and ..

Computer Software Jobs - Making Use Of The Job Search Engines

(February 14, 2008)  Computers and technology rule much of today's world and there are many sectors of our lives that simply cannot be imagined without computers. There is more to computers and technology then the hardware part. The hardware is important indeed, but it is mere the foundation on which the computer ..

Learning Java Programming Coding Language

(February 14, 2008)  There are many programming languages available and each of them is suitable for another program or application. There are people who have learnt only a few programming languages and who use these because that is what they know, bust most of the times software programmers will use the programming ..

Wireless Laptops Make Networking Easier

(June 23, 2007)  Laptops have entered the arena of computing in the twenty-first century and brought about a mammoth change in the outlook of all sectors that made use of computers for their working. For example, corporate organizations which used personal computers earlier now use laptops for mobile transactions ..

How To Put Video On PSP - 4 Easy Steps

(January 04, 2007)  How To Put Video On PSP Sony has made this a little tricky to do, but with the steps I’m about to outline below, you’ll be up and running in no time with video on your PSP. Step One: Get a large memory card. Video, by its nature, takes up a lot of memory so you want a half gig ( 512mb ..


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