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How to boot your computer when it doesn't turn on

(August 16, 2014)  Imagine a life where everything from electronics to kitchen appliances to office essentials all come to a standstill. The reasons for these could be lack of power supply or some problem in the basic machinery which needs to be rectified immediately. When computers fall prey to this, then the entire .

What are the common causes for laptop screen replacement?

(August 09, 2014)  A Laptop has many advantages compared to PC like portability, size, storage etc. Broadly laptops can be classified based on the screen size. In Mac Retinal screen is available which give crystal clear display. There are lot of reasons that leads to the replacement of laptop screens. Here are the ..

Tips to keep your computer safe and secured at home

(August 02, 2014)  Like the equipments which are essential for the house, computer has also become a household item. Like our refrigerator, television, microwave or washing machine requires regular maintenance , same is the case with computers. Infact one really has to be vigilant while handling them and keep ..

What are the signs that your computer has been hacked?

(July 12, 2014)  When it comes to the safety of the files on your computer, you can never be too careful. In spite of your antivirus software and antimalware programs, your system can still succumb to possibility of getting hacked. Sometimes, it might time take you a long time for you to realize your computer has ..

How to fix a slow computer?

(May 03, 2014)  Do you spend those restless minutes staring at the screen while your computer takes its own sweet time to open an application? Most of us assume that computers eventually slow down as they become older. This is, however, just a myth. The truth is the longer you use the computer, the more unwanted ..

How to repair Laptop battery?

(April 25, 2014)  Laptops rule our lives. From shopping to watching movies and work to filing your taxes, laptop is your guide to anything and everything. Therefore, when your laptop battery fails your world comes down crashing. With a few easy tips, however, it is possible to bring your battery back to life without .

Tips to speed up your slow computer

(March 20, 2014)  “System tray” is a group of small icons which is seen on the right side of the task bar. These icons represent a program that is partially running or started in the background. Each of these causes a reduction in the available memory, processing power and resources. Closing, canceling ..

Understanding Identity Management and Access Governance

(January 16, 2014)  The IT departments and networks in the real world face a number of threats. Threats may be from an insider by means of password disclosure or staff collision or external online threats where hackers take advantage of computer security holes. In the latter cases, solutions are currently not ..

Understanding the Single Sign On

(December 19, 2013)  As information technology systems enlarge to support business processes, system administrators and users deal with an increasingly complicated interface to carry out their activities. Ideally, users have to log in to a number of different systems, using different user names and passwords at every ..


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