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Six easy steps for hiring remote web developers for your out ...

(April 23, 2012)  When you outsource your Web development process to India, the world's favorite outsourcing destination, you can be sure that you'll get the best Web developer. But for narrowing down on these Web professionals, you have to rely on your outsourcing vendor. Therefore, to make sure your project starts .

Why Outsourcing Java Programming To A Dedicated Employee In ...

(April 19, 2012)  IT outsourcing has always been synonymous with India, thanks to its abundant talent pool of experienced, talented and skilled software professionals. So, when it comes to outsource Java programming or Java development project, India becomes the first and natural choice of destination. Outsourcing ..

Is Your Sensitive Information Safe When You Outsource Your R ...

(April 13, 2012)  In today's business scenario, almost all organizations – no matter what industry they are in – are information-driven. And these organizations will vouch for the fact that it takes a staggering amount of money for generating and managing data, and for keeping it safe. As a result of ..

Why you should outsource iPhone appplications development to ...

(April 04, 2012)  The revolutionary iPhone has become so much a part and parcel of our lives today that many people call the present the iPhone era instead of the digital era. One of the reasons that life without an iPhone has become unthinkable are the splendid iPhone apps – hundreds and thousands of them ..

How VirtualEmployee Finds Just The Right Fit For Your iPhone ...

(March 28, 2012)  Now that you're outsourcing your iPhone applications development project, your first step is hiring iPhone apps developers who measure up to your needs and standards. Your best chances of getting someone who can do justice to your project is when you hire the services of the right outsourcing ..

Hire a dedicated virtual employee for your Java software app ...

(March 23, 2012)  When you have to choose between a freelancer and a virtual dedicated employee for the Java software applications project you are outsourcing, you will come across debates (on the net) with people rooting for freelancers and also those who swear by the quality dedicated virtual Java programmers can ..

Not Able To Get The Ruby on Rails Developer You Want? Hire A ...

(March 20, 2012)  Thanks to advanced technology that has blurred geographical boundaries and made short work of time zone differences, more and more companies are now looking beyond their local shores to hire the desired employee. So, if a software development company is unable to source a local Ruby on Rails ..

How To Easily Get An Expert Java Professional To Work Remote ...

(March 15, 2012)  IT outsourcing is today synonymous with India, a country that boasts one of the largest technical talent pools in the world. Java script development is one of the most commonly outsourced domains with Indian IT professionals much in demand for their experience, skills and fast turnaround times. ..

What Makes A Dedicated Ruby On Rails Developer From India A ...

(February 24, 2012)  Outsourcing IT and software development to India has long been the norm with companies in the US, and now increasingly with companies in the UK, Australia and Canada. Indian software professionals are in high demand not just because Indian labour is cost-effective, but because when it comes to ..

Enjoy The Security Of A Local Employee Even With A Remote Ja ...

(February 15, 2012)  Outsourcing conjures up different images for different people. While some would equate outsourcing with freelancing, others visualize large outsourcing companies which take on massive volumes of work outsourced from US-based multinationals. But very few would know that there is a third dimension to .

A Dedicated Remote Ruby On Rails Developer Is Your Best Bet ...

(February 13, 2012)  Outsource by hiring a dedicated remote Ruby on Rails developer from India to handle your complicated web applications. This RoR developer would become what is known as your very own ‘virtual employee', a revolutionary new concept first introduced to the outsourcing industry by ..

Hire Your Very Own Dedicated Java Software Application Devel ...

(February 06, 2012)  India is the leading IT outsourcing destination for the world and Indian software programmers and developers have built a powerful global reputation for being experts in each and every domain of software development, including the much in demand Java services. Having a dedicated, full-time Java ..

Hire A Dedicated Ajax Web Developer From India For Outsourcing

(February 03, 2012)  Hire a dedicated Ajax web developer from India to handle your outsourced projects. If the term ‘dedicated’ is new to you, then it simply means a full-time employee who works exclusively for you and your organization on a long-term basis. Almost like a locally hired resource except for ..

Hire A Dedicated Remote Website Developer To Work For You

(January 31, 2012)  Deciding to outsource your company's website's development? It is indeed a smart decision, but deciding who to outsource to is an even more significant decision in the long run. The outsourcing world is teeming with options, making the choice even more bewildering for those who are new to ..

Hire Your Very Own Dedicated iPhone Application Developer

(January 30, 2012)  iPhone is one of the most in-demand and widely used smartphones in the market today, coveted for its sleek and application-rich interface. Obviously, experienced and well-qualified professionals would be required to develop applications for the iPhone. Software outsourcing has proved to be ..

Enjoy The Benefits Of Working With A Dedicated Offshore Java ...

(January 20, 2012)  A dedicated offshore Java software application developer can be the deciding factor between success and failure in outsourcing. The reason is that this fairly new entrant (the dedicated employee) in the field of outsourcing gives clients what they have sorely been missing so far – control ..

Outsource To Dedicated Remote Staffing For Customized Softwa ...

(January 18, 2012)  Outsourcing software application development to India is not only your gateway to getting the best talent there is, but getting that talent and expertise at extremely attractive and affordable costs. India has many factors in its favour that have helped it establish and solidify its position as an ..

When Should You Outsource Your PHP Project To India?

(January 10, 2012)  A recent survey by Human Capital Institute, a global association of talent management groups revealed that an overwhelming 90 percent of US companies outsource at least some parts of their business processes. However, there is an outsourcing principle that every company should be aware of. ..

Software Development And Web Development Outsourcing

(January 05, 2012)  Delegate program and web development to India acquire the benefits of low expenditures, incredible ability and some of the fastest recovery time. Native Indian has established itself as an eye-catching IT outsourced workers getaway. An organization wanting to outsource software solutions to India ..

Hire Full Time Remote AJAX Developers To Work Dedicatedly Fo ...

(December 05, 2011)  Hire full-time remote AJAX developers to work dedicatedly for you and create more powerful and dynamic web applications to enhance your online business. A dedicated Ajax developer can make the outsourcing experience a truly rewarding one. Whether it is being able to control your employee; ..

Why Animation Outsourcing To India Is Good For You

(September 16, 2011)  Whether it is the entertainment industry, cartoons or commercials, India is where all the action is as far as animation outsourcing is concerned. In recent years, the Indian animation industry has witnessed a boom of sorts. Global entertainment giants like Walt Disney, Imax and Sony are signing up ..

For Offshore Software Development Dedicated Virtual Employee ...

(August 23, 2011)  Comparisons are odious, but when they become inevitable when one is outlining the pros and cons of working with a virtual employee vis-à-vis a freelancer. This is particularly true when the discussion veers to the topic of offshore outsourcing of software development services. Who is better? .


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