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All About Simulation in Fabrication

(October 08, 2018)  Simulation is imitation of fabrication or a manufacturing process on a lab scale using software, tools or digital methodology to verify that use of a particular process or a tool. This is how fabricators find out the possibility of success of inducting new method in the processes used in ..

Thermal Printing & Thermal Paper Rolls

(September 07, 2018)  Thermal Printing is a digital process which produces a black and white print without the use of an ink cartridge or ribbon. The process involves use of paper which is previously coated with dyes and related chemicals and is sensitive to heat. This process is known as thermionic and the paper or ..

About Printer and Computer Peripherals

(June 12, 2015)  From simple dot matrix printer to more advance versions like laser and color ink jet printer. While the former prints in black and white the latter is as the name suggest. These are modern day computer peripherals attached to deliver finest computer graphics and images. The evolution started with ..

Custom Apps development for mobiles

(May 28, 2011)  Application development is a vast field applicable to computers, wireless devices, telephones, mobiles and many other utilities. Applications provide a function that could be inbuilt during the manufacture or can be additional installed afterwards. The application in terms of electronics and ..

Creating mobile phone applications

(December 26, 2010)  Mobile phone application development is basically software programming. The programs are pre installed on mobile devices or downloaded from the Internet. The software programming may differ depending upon the platform. One can down load the apps from distribution sources like the online apps ..


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