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How to Keep Your Contact List Neat and Tidy

(November 09, 2008)  Cell phone contact lists have become increasingly important as more and more people use their cell phones as their primary source of communication. In many situations, the ease of storing a phone number in a contact list can actually be detrimental. Many people store far too many phone numbers in ..

What Can Caller ID Do For My Family's Privacy?

(November 09, 2008)  It's really not a surprise that many people today are looking for ways to save money and cut corners. This can lead to entertaining some rather innovative ideas in terms of saving a few dollars. Phone bills are one place that many may look for fat to trim. Some may even consider canceling phone ..

Is Caller ID Really That Useful?

(November 09, 2008)  In many cases, caller ID is included free with phone service, but this isn't always the case. Some phone owners are charged a monthly fee to have caller ID. With so many people looking for ways to save money, phone bills are a natural target for budget tightening, which leads some to wonder how ..

Why It's Important to Keep Your Contact Book in Order

(November 09, 2008)  Organization is an essential skill. Keeping track of a busy twenty first century lifestyle means that you need a way to keep on top of information and make sure that you don't get overwhelmed. Contact books, whether they be in a cell phone or on paper, are a great example of how being disorganized ..

The Phone's Contributions to Global Communications

(October 20, 2008)  Lots of inventions over time have truly changed the way that people have lived their lives. While experts could most likely debate infinitely about which invention was truly the most important, it's hard to argue that the telephone has had a drastic impact on the world, particularly when it comes ..

Cell Phones Open Up a World of Communications Possibilities

(October 20, 2008)  Cell phones have certainly shaped the world that we live in today. At this point, there are more than one billion cell phones in the world and more than 250 million in the U. S. alone. Of course, the number one thing that cell phones do is allow users to make calls from almost anywhere, but this is .

Today's Most Popular Cell Phone Gadgets

(October 20, 2008)  Technology gets more impressive every day. Only a few generations ago, making phone calls required a wired connection to the system, and it wasn't long before that time that phones didn't exist at all. But now, people take instant communication to be a fact of life. Cell phones have extended this ..

How to Organize Your Phone Contacts Properly

(October 12, 2008)  When you consider all of the contacts that we have to juggle each and every day, from personal contacts to business contacts, it is amazing that we are able to keep any of our contacts organized. When you add in the fact that it is essentially impossible to look up cell phone numbers using ..

Pros and Cons of Owning a Cell Phone

(October 12, 2008)  One of the most stunning developments in the history of communications has unfolded over the last ten years. The transition from traditional land lines to cell phones has completely changed the way we communicate and as more and more people move to using cell phones, the job of locating and looking .

The Different Ways That Phones Bring People Together

(October 12, 2008)  The phone has become an absolutely indispensable part of our lives. When something wonderful happens to us, the first thing we often think of doing is picking up the phone and calling those we love to share the good news. The same rule applies when something tragic has occurred. As much as we love ..

Do Cell Phones Pose Health Risks?

(October 12, 2008)  One of the most controversial health topics of the last fifteen years has centered around the idea that cell phones pose a health risk to the people that use them. The idea that the cell phone radiates a certain energy that can affect brain cells to the point of making them cancerous has been ..

Find Out Who Owns the Phone Number That Keeps Showing Up on ...

(September 03, 2008)  You are not going to know anything about a number if it is not coming up on your caller ID box. That goes without saying. What you have to think about when an unknown number comes up and keeps calling is who that person may be, but also, if you are even getting the entire picture. Caller ID is hit ..

How Effective is Caller ID These Days?

(September 03, 2008)  Caller ID is a somewhat effective tool that can work very well when any number is calling you on either your home or mobile phone. There are times when the name and the number come up, and you know you have the right information. Other times, however, the information can be vague, or nothing will ..

What Can I Use to Trace a Phone Number Aside From Caller ID?

(September 03, 2008)  Though you may use caller ID to see who is calling, who has called, or to avoid certain people, you don't have to totally rely on it when you want to know more about who is on the other end of a ringing phone. There is a lot you can find out simply by looking at the number itself. You may need to ..

Can I Find Phone Number Info on the Web?

(September 03, 2008)  You may recognize phone numbers that come to you locally, though you may not know exactly who they are. You see the area code and the prefix and you think it must be someone that you know. While that is not always true, it tends to be someone you know when the number is local as apposed to a number .

The Internet Can Help Protect You Again Prank Phone Calls

(August 27, 2008)  Let's face it: one thing we could probably all do without is prank calls. Whether it's annoying kids asking about your refrigerator or some strange individual who dials your number but won't say anything, prank calls can be a real hassle. And in many cases, these calls can seem far more sinister ..

Look Up Missed Phone Calls on the Internet With Reverse Phon ...

(August 27, 2008)  Today, there are more than one billion cell phones in use worldwide. With so many different phones, it follows logically that, in today's world, there are more missed calls than ever before. While most missed calls are from friends, family, and other people whom you look forward to speaking to, ..

Reverse Phone Lookups Versus Prank Callers

(August 27, 2008)  If you've been dealing with a prank caller, you know what a real pain it can be. These annoying prank calls always seem to come at the most inconvenient times, like during dinner or in the deep of the night. And whether it's meddling kids asking about canned Prince Albert, or some stranger ..

Ways to Search For a High School Classmate Using Free People ...

(August 19, 2008)  Just about everyone has tried to find an old classmate online using free services like alumni searches and social networking sites. Between these resources, you can not only find friends and loved ones, but reconnect and keep in touch for years to come. Alumni searches are a lot like people ..

Ways to Find a Family Member's Address Using People Search ...

(August 19, 2008)  People searches are one of the first online resources commonly used to locate friends or family member's addresses and can provide much relevant information quickly and easily. People search sites browse the Internet for records pertaining to the keywords, which means a name as well as additional ..

Ways to Locate a High School Classmate Using a Reverse Phone ...

(August 19, 2008)  Of all the online resources that exist, two, reverse phone lookups and alumni searches, are particularly helpful for those wanting to reconnect with old friends from high school. Reverse phone lookups allow you to find out someone's phone number, or even who owns a phone number from your own ..

How Can I Find a Friend's Number on Pipl

(August 12, 2008)  There are many people searches, and among them is Pipl, which many claim to be the most comprehensive people search engine on the internet. People searches browse the web for information matching the first and last name you entered, but can be customized to search by birthday or city and state as ..

Ways to Locate an Old Friend From Their Cell Phone Number

(July 30, 2008)  A telephone number is a powerful piece of information. Not only does it give you the information you need to dial up an old friend to restart your friendship once more, but it also gives you the data you need to perform a very effective search so that you can ensure that the phone number does still .

Ways to Locate an Old Friend Using Their Phone Number

(July 29, 2008)  There is always new internet technology to help to locate an old friend, and using two of these effective resources, you can assure that you never lose contact with those close to you again. Reverse phone lookups and social networking sites are relatively new to the internet, but can provide ..

How to Locate a Friend From Their Cell Phone Number

(July 29, 2008)  It can be difficult enough to keep in touch without having to worry about trying to locate a friend who uses a cell phone. In emergencies or other important situations, you often want a better idea of where someone is than the information that an area code can provide. Today many cell phone ..


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