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Telecom Expense Management is Not a Frill

(September 23, 2008)  Telecom Expense Management is not a ‘frill’ service that a company uses. With the complexity of today's telecom usage in the business world, it is becoming a necessity. There are tremendous cost savings to be found in many organizations, and a quality Telecom Expense Management team ..

Business Operations - Telecom Expenses - Easier to Handle Or ...

(September 23, 2008)  Running a business today is so much simpler, thanks to the many technological advances available. Computers, tele-conferencing, fax machines, and of course. . . wireless services like cell phones, PDAs, data services and the like. Yes, you can do much more than you could 10 or 20 years ago, but ..

Ask Yourself These Questions About Your Company's Telecom Ex ...

(September 23, 2008)  A Few Simple Questions How many wireless devices does your company have? You probably don't know right off the top of your head, but I'm sure you could easily find out the exact number of devices and to whom they are assigned? No? How about the service plan for each device. No idea? When you get a ..

Telecom Expense Management and Asset Management

(August 24, 2008)  Telecom Expense Management, or TEM as it is often called, generally consists of five basic services. Asset Management Invoice Validation Expense Optimization E-Procurement Help Desk Support First we'll discuss Asset Management. The premise of Asset Management is to accurately track telecom ..

Telecom Expense Management and Invoice Validation For Your B ...

(August 24, 2008)  As promised in the article about Asset Management, this topic covers Invoice Validation. Invoice Validation isn't an easy task. It requires a system that can be performed on a regular basis to discover discrepancies and errors, as well as using it as a method for determining waste and redundancy ..

Expense Optimization Can Reduce Your Telecom - Spend For You ...

(August 24, 2008)  Expense Optimization, the third part of this series explaining Telecom Expense Management, details how it can make your telecom spend provide peak Return On Investment. Obviously you want your company to spend its money wisely, and TEM can assure that you don't squander it on useless or redundant ..

E-Procurement For Your Business and Its Telecom System

(August 24, 2008)  E-Procurement in Telecom Expense Management is one of the best tools for controlling your telecom expenses. Once the TEM team has accurately determined the existing state of your system is, and fine tuned it to optimal efficiency, the process must be maintained or the chances it will fall into an ..

Telecom Expense Management and Help Desk Support Go Hand in ...

(August 24, 2008)  Last we will cover Help Desk Support in our series of articles explaining the benefits of Telecom Expense Management, or TEM for short. We can assume that your company has already dealt with asset management, expense optimization, and the proper procedures for procuring assets and services. Your ..

Wireless Communications and Business Are Inseperable

(August 24, 2008)  Businesses use. . . no. . . they rely on wireless services nowadays. Imagine trying to conduct business without it. Wireless providers and mobile device manufacturers introduce new products almost daily. Some of the services are fluff, of course, but much of it is quite useful and can help your ..

What Telecom Expense Management Can Do For Your Business

(August 24, 2008)  Telecom Expense Management has historically been aimed primarily at large companies like General Motors or Microsoft, but not all TEM (Telecom Expense Management) providers restrict their roster of clients. If you are responsible for a smaller organization and need to wrestle your telecom ..

Keeping Tabs on Your Company's Telecom Expenditure is Good F ...

(August 24, 2008)  If you were put in charge of determining how to cut costs for the company, what areas would you look at? Payroll, no doubt. How about your building? Could you get by with a smaller facility and perhaps have people double up in offices? Would reducing services to you customers or producing a cheaper .

Telecom Assets Need to Be Managed by Telecom Expense Managem ...

(August 24, 2008)  Tracking your telecom assets is a task requiring constant attention. Without it, your telecom spend can balloon to wasteful proportions with no outward clues. Your monthly invoices grow with it, affecting your bottom line. That's the problem with telecom expenses. . . they are stealthy. Even if ..

Greater Profits Can Come From Telecom Expense Management

(August 24, 2008)  Every penny counts in today's economy. Waste is your enemy. In order to keep the bottom line fat and happy you may need to cut some costs. Where do you start? Do you want to cut staff? If you have employees with nothing to do, that would work. Another option would be to reduce services and/or ..


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