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Email Set Up - Clients For the CECT i9

(January 15, 2009)  I'm commonly asked about sending, receiving and setting up email on the CECT i9. Since web browsing and messaging are a big draw to this phone, people want to optimize their choices and options. They want a free, secure, and fast program that doesn't require a lot of memory or cost. This article ..

Buying and Installing Sim Cards on the CECT i9

(January 15, 2009)  A huge selling point of the CECT i9 is that it allows for two sim cards (which translates into two phone numbers, prepaid plans, or networks. ) However, I get a lot of questions about these little cards.   Most concerns are about which cards will work and how to install them correctly. I'll ..

SciPhone I68 Or S18? How Are These Popular, Dual Sim Clones ...

(January 14, 2009)  The other day, I had someone email me about the “new SciPhone. "  This is where things can get confusing. Currently, there are three phones being referred to as the SciPhone: the i68, the i9 and the S18.  I believe that most people mean the i68 when they use this phrase, but there is a new ..

How Good Are CECT Phones?

(December 16, 2008)  I often write about imported cloned phones.   Not all of them are CECT phones, but most are.    I'm often asked questions like “just how good are the CECT phones?" or “is the quality OK?"  I will answer these questions in this article and outline two of the best selling models - ..

I9 and iPhone Comparison (Plus a Comparison to the SciPhone, ...

(December 15, 2008)  There's no question that the CECT i9 is a best seller today.   It's a great phone and I often write about it.   I'm often asked how it compares to many other phones such as Apple's iPhone or other popular CECT phones like the SciPhone i68, the T32 / M88, and the original P168. I'll compare this ..

M88 Phone Review

(December 15, 2008)  There's no question that as the economy tanks and it makes less and less sense to continue to pay huge sums for monthly cell phone contracts, the iPhone clones are becoming more accepted and sought after.   There are many models to chose from, but only a few have WiFi, GPS, and Windows Mobile. I ..

P168 Dual Sim Phone - Why This Clone is an Excellent Alterna ...

(November 12, 2008)  I admit that I am one of those people who loved the P168 iClone at first sight.    I only needed a few minutes of playing and experimenting with the phone to be sold on it, and I didn't care if it had a little Apple logo on not.   I know that not every one shared my enthusiasm.   For many ..

Is the CECT I9 Better Than the CECT P168?

(November 12, 2008)  I often write about the dual sim, import iPhone clones and keep blogs on several of them.   So, I'm often contacted by folks who want to know which would work best for them.   One common question that I've been getting lately is “is the i9 better than the P168?"  Well, this is sort of a ..

The I9 IClone With 8GB - Why This is a Great Phone

(November 11, 2008)  It was not too long ago that the P168 reigned supreme in the clone world and most of the emails that came through my iPhone clone blogs / reviews asked me questions about the P168's features, usability, or specs.   There's no question that these phones are popular because they offer so much for ..

P168 Cell Phone - Why This is Still One of the Best IPhone C ...

(November 11, 2008)  Last year, when I first began writing about the P168 iClone, I thought that the fanfare surrounding it would last for a couple of months and then die down.   But, that didn't turn out to be the case at all.   What used to seem experimental or new has now become somewhat main stream.   This ..

M88 Or I9 - Both Are Good iPhone Clones, But Which Would Be ...

(November 10, 2008)  For a while, it seemed that the CECT P168 (the original iClone) was the king of the hill. This phone, which improved upon the original, was fully loaded, user friendly, and priced to sell. This dominance lasted for well over a year, until a quad band version came out and stole a bit of the thunder. .

I9 - This Small, Sleek IPhone Clone With Java is Dual Sim, Q ...

(November 09, 2008)  In today's economy, many folks are seeking better, lower prices for almost all services and the “extras" like cell phones (and their services), Internet, and cable are sometimes the first to go.   It doesn't make sense to pay for what you don't use, but it's hard to forego the latest ..

M88 Smartphone - Why This IPhone Clone With WiFi, GPS, Java, ...

(November 09, 2008)  The other day, I had someone contact me on one of my blogs asking if I thought it would make sense to get the iPod touch just for web surfing.   Since they were under the impression that none of the clones had WiFi, they wanted the iTouch for the web browsing.   They did not want to have to pay a .

The New SciPhone I68 - What Has Been Upgraded on This Newest ...

(October 22, 2008)  In the past, I have written articles on the SciPhone i68 (aka CECT i68 or Java 68. )  Recently, there has been a new release of this phone. People often want to know, how exactly does this new version (which came out in fall of 2008) differ or is upgraded from the one that came out before it.   ..

SciPhone I9 - Why These Are Two Different iPhone Clones - He ...

(October 22, 2008)  I often write about the newest, popular iPhone clones.   Recently, I'm getting a lot of emails and questions about “the new SciPhone i9. " Sometimes, I'll ask “which one do you mean, " since there is technically a SciPhone i68 and a CECT i9, but no combination of the two.   ..

M88 Clone - The Only Feature This Loaded Knock Off With WiFi ...

(October 21, 2008)  If you asked me to name three iPhone clones that are loaded with the most features (and are also coincidentally the best selling), I would list the T32, the M88, and the i9. Each of these phones are a bit different from each other and each will have features that the others don't.   In this ..

Is the CECT I9 Really Any Good?

(October 20, 2008)  Since I often write about imported (often dual sim) iPhone clones, I was stopped by someone at work the other day who wanted to know “is the cect i9 any good?"  I could've went into a big spiel about the features of the phone and explained why I think that it truly is a great phone.   ..

I9 Iclone - Loaded With Upgrades and Features, More Memory, ...

(October 15, 2008)  It wasn't too long ago that the P168 iClone was considered the coolest thing around. With it's dual sim slots, bonus features, removable battery, and loud, sharp speakers, it was the best iPhone clone on the market for some time.   But, over time, the call for upgrades started to come.   The P168 .

I9 IPhone Clone Review

(October 13, 2008)  Lately, the CECT i9 has become the new darling of the import iPhone clones. It has surpassed the P168 and it's quad band version, the plus, (the top dog for a really long time) as the knock off best seller. But, is it really as good as all of the hype? Is it that much better than the original ..

CECT I9 Phone Its a Smaller, Thinner Quad Band, and Has Java ...

(October 09, 2008)  It's becoming increasingly clear that a larger number of consumers prefer a quad band phone. Many of the new iPhone clones are coming with the 850 MHZ band either already included or available in engineering mode. And, that old novelty feature shake and tilt control (aka shake or swing to the ..

Gold XPhone Or Pink CECT I9? How Do These iPhone Clones That ...

(October 01, 2008)  Yesterday, I had someone approach me that asked about the “pink iPhone clone. "  First, I thought the person was talking about a skin or custom cover that was pink in color and designed for a knock off.   Then, when she assured me that she was not talking about a skin, I figured that she ..

CECT M88 (MiPhone) Vs CECT I9 - Which Popular iPhone Clone i ...

(September 30, 2008)  Last year at about Christmas time, I started researching and writing about the iPhone clones.   At that time, the CECT iClone (P168) was the darling of the day. I figured this dominance would last for a few months and then taper off, but I was mostly wrong.   Although other novelty phones did ..

CECT M88 (AKA MiPhone) - A Look at This New iPhone Clone Wit ...

(September 29, 2008)  I don't think that I was the only one who was very happy when the CECT T32 first came out.   The iClone's are awesome phones, but one common complaint about them is that they weren't true “smart phones" as they didn't have Java, Wi-Fi, or Windows - so you couldn't really use the useful and ..

A968 TV Phone - Features Dual Sim Slots, a 3 Inch QVGA Touch ...

(September 28, 2008)  It wasn't very long ago that the clones (iPhone or otherwise) which featured real time analog television were considered quite a novelty. For a while, it wasn't clear if the TV feature was one that was a passing fancy or one that was actually here to stay.   It turns out that consumers have ..

M88 Mobile Phone - The Features on This Quad Band Include Wi ...

(September 28, 2008)  It seems there's a new iPhone knock off released each week.   The manufacturers are getting very good at deciphering what consumers want in a phone and providing it in a timely manner.   Still, a knock off that included WiFi, GPS, Windows 6.0 and supported Java was a long time coming.   Many ..


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