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Ban Called For Train Drivers' Mobile Phones

(September 22, 2008)  This past weekend two trains, one cargo and one passenger, collided in California and caused many injuries and 25 deaths. The crash site signals and all other signals in the area were operational and reported no faults, what was the real reason behind this terrible tragedy? Apparently the train's ..

Mobile Broadband's Popularity Increases With Laptops

(September 22, 2008)  These days we are using the internet more and more, not just at home in our own time but many jobs necessitate being connected to our families or workmates whether it's via email or even services like Instant Messengers or Skype calls. The trouble is that we aren't always able to sit down at a ..

Broadband For Students Out With the Old ISP, in With the New

(July 27, 2008)  In the previous part of this article I covered how to go about sorting broadband internet for students who are moving into a rented house for their second year at university. Initially I covered how to make sure you have an active phone line which many broadband suppliers require in order to get ..

Broadband For Students Sharing the Connection Amongst Everyone

(July 27, 2008)  In the first two parts to this article series I discussed how to go about getting broadband internet for student housing, when you strike out on your own in your second year you are left to find your own provider with most landlord treating internet supplies as a luxury. This guide has shown how to .

Broadband For Students Getting Your Phone Line Ready

(July 27, 2008)  Usually the first year of university will have you living in halls of residence owned by the university and had a whole bunch of fun (as well as occasionally studying!) and found some friends to live with next year. Chances are around this time of year you'll already have sorted or be viewing ..

Data Fees Sting Mobile Phone Users

(July 24, 2008)  These days mobile phones are not what they used to be, they aren't just a replacement for our home phones but replacements for a wide range of gadgets like digital cameras and music players. One of the new uses for mobile phones has been the increasing use of internet services to check emails on ..

Mobile Phone Convictions Lead to Discounts For Drivers

(July 23, 2008)  Here in the UK we've had laws dictating that you are not allowed to use your mobile phone whilst driving for a few years now, by and large most of us abide by this law and either use a Bluetooth car kit or simply don't answer the call! Over in the United State of America they have recently passed a .

This Years Selection Of Christmas Mobiles - Part Two

(December 05, 2007)  Following on from my previous article, where I was providing short overviews of the movers and shakers in the mobile phone market this Christmas, we'll now turn our attention to the remaining three of my five top picks for the end of this year. Apple iPhone (8gb exclusive to O2) Apple's prestige ..

Half The World Has A Mobile Phone

(December 05, 2007)  It is commonplace these days to own a mobile phone. The convenience and safety appeals of mobile phones means that children of six years old now possess them as well as their parents and grandparents. Since 1983 with the first mobile phone released by Motorola, (The rather cumbersome DynaTAC 8000x) .

Saving The World With Mobile Phones

(December 05, 2007)  In recent years the issue of climate change and the damage we're doing to the atmosphere has become a major issue. With particular focus on many of the technological advances that are harming our planet from Gas guzzling cars to leaving our mobile phone chargers plugged in. With many of us more ..

The 3SkypePhone - Free Calls On The Move

(December 05, 2007)  UK mobile network 3 (owned by Hutchison) has recently released a new mobile phone, but not just any mobile phone. They have teamed up with the popular IP phone company Skype (owned by eBay) to provide mobile subscribers free phone calls. This may seem foreign to the mobile phone market where ..

Mobile Phones - Nokia Is Sitting Pretty

(December 04, 2007)  Recently Nokia held it's “Nokia World 2007" conference in Amsterdam, the Finnish Mobile giant used it as a platform to declare that they were going to increase revenue over the next year, despite admitting that mobile phone prices were coming down. The mobile manufacturer has predicted an ..


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