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Ip Pbx

(November 06, 2009)  An IP PBX is a business telephone system designed to deliver voice or video over a data network and interoperate with the normal Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) gateways can be combined with traditional PBX functionality intranet to help reduce long ..

Email Fax Phone

(November 06, 2009)  Traditional Fax The traditional method for sending faxes over phone lines(PSTN). Fax machine → Phone line → Fax machine A fax machine is an electronic instrument composed of a scanner, a modem, and a printer. It transmits data in the form of pulses via a telephone line to a recipient, ..

Email Fax Free

(November 06, 2009)  Email fax free uses the internet to receive and send faxes. Email fax free (or “online faxing") is a general term which refers to sending a document facsimile using the Internet, rather than using only phone networks (traditional faxing). Depending on the specific method, advantages of ..

Digital Cable TV

(November 05, 2009)  With the impending digital cable TV age upon us, it's important to have an understanding of what this new era brings. While there are several benefits to having Digital Cable TV, millions of TV viewers risk losing reception unless they take a few easy steps to get a digital signal. This article ..

Cable HDTV

(November 03, 2009)  For anyone who loves a sharp, clear picture, cable HDTV is the most exciting part of America's transition from analogue TV broadcasting to digital broadcasts. There are hours of cable HDTV programs on every night of the week. Those are the shows with an onscreen message at the beginning: ..

Cable Providers

(November 03, 2009)  * Find deals from cable providers in your area. * Bundle cable TV with high-speed Internet and digital phone to save more. * Ordering online is fast and free. Looking for Cable Providers That Offer Service for Your Home? ConnectMyCable is here to help! Whether you are looking for cable providers .

Cable Channels

(November 03, 2009)  In general, a cable television operator has the right to select the channels and services that are available on its cable system. With the exception of certain channels like local broadcast television channels which are required to be carried by federal law, the cable operator has broad discretion ..

Dish TV

(November 03, 2009)  It is not possible for us to directly compare Dish TV Network satellite service to cable television service, because each cable television company offers different programming packages, pricing, and service levels. This guide will help you to compare Dish Network with the cable television which is .

Wireless Networking

(November 01, 2009)  Start wireless networking with making sure that your computer has the right device for wireless internet connections. Most of the new models out in the market today have built-in wireless transmitters but older models need a wireless adapter plugged into a USB port or PC card slot to make it Wi-Fi ..

Wireless Phone

(November 01, 2009)  Thewireless phone has evolved and continues to do so as technology constantly moves to mobilise our lives. Below is an excerpt of an article from the from the Wall Street Journal on the potential benefits of the rumoured Google Phone, as well as the significant challenges it will likely face: ..

Digital Satellite

(November 01, 2009)  The digital satellite TV handbook and companion CD-ROM will serve as your complete interactive course in the new Digital TV technologies. The handbook provides a comprehensive overview of all the digital satellite TV platforms currently in use world-wide, includes the essential satellite coverage ..

Cable Satellite

(November 01, 2009)  How Does Cable Satellite Work Cable satellite TV works by broadcasting video and audio signals from geostationary satellites to satellite dishes on the Earth's surface. These geostationary satellites orbit the earth in a region of space known as the Clarke Belt. Each of these satellites carries a .

Wireless Internet

(September 12, 2009)  Wireless Internet access, sometimes referred to as a hot spot, is a local area network (LAN) run by radio waves rather than wires. Access is broadcast from the central hub which is a hard-wired device that actually brings in the Internet connection. The hub, located at the main computer system or ..

Wireless Router

(September 12, 2009)  A wireless router is simply a router with a wireless interface. A wireless router could be a regular IP router with an 802.11 interface card and antenna added, or it could be a router specifically designed for wireless use. Most routers also act as firewalls, switches, and provide Network Address .

Satellite System

(September 12, 2009)  The basic types of satellite system include geostationary (GEO), Low Earth Orbit (LEO), Medium Earth Orbit (MEO), and Highly Elliptical Orbit (HEO) satellites. There are also public and private satellite systems such as Television Receive Only (TVRO), Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS), Global ..

Satellite Receiver

(September 12, 2009)  A Free to Air satellite receiver (abbreviated FTA receivers) refers to satellite receivers that are designed to receive unencrypted FTA satellite transmissions. Using these satellite receivers, you can legally receive TV signals without subscription. The signal is typically encoded in an MPEG-2 ..

Satellite Dish

(September 12, 2009)  A satellite dish is a parabolic antenna used to pick up and send out electromagnetic signals, typically relayed by communication satellites orbiting around the earth. It can be used for data, radio, or television. They come in various sizes and designs. They are also commonly used to receive ..


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