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Diagnosing Lung Cancer Early Increases Your Chances of Survival

(January 03, 2009)  Lung cancer is the fastest growing smoking related disease in the world, it is also the fastest growing cancer with almost a million people being diagnosed every year around the world. This kind of growth is cause for alarm, to be sure, but even more alarming is the fact that symptoms do not ..

Lung Cancer eMedicine - For Information on This Killer Disease

(January 03, 2009)  Lung cancer is the the number one disease caused by smoking. This is a recent development as heart disease used to be the number one disease caused by smoking. This development has brought to the forefront the need to find better treatments and cures for lung disease. On the lung cancer eMedicine ..

Colorectal Cancer Treatments From Surgery to Chemotherapy

(September 26, 2008)  Treatment of colorectal cancer completely depends upon the stage it is at. In its initial stages, colorectal cancer can be treated successfully. However, as the disease advances, it becomes severe and therefore, the treatment also becomes complicated. Though there are a number of colorectal cancer ..


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