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Knowing Your Business Plans Audience

(May 01, 2008)  Before you start writing a business plan, ask yourself this question: Who is your intended audience for the business plan? The answer to this simple question can and should greatly affect the way you write the plan as well as what areas you target. Some of the people who could be audiences for your .

Choosing a Name for Your Business

(May 01, 2008)  When choosing a name for your company, take care to choose a good name for it. This sounds like basic advice but remember that your name will ultimately be one of the defining parts of your brand, and become what your known for. Think about a company like Google. It has become a verb that people ..

Writing a Mini Business Plan

(May 01, 2008)  Writing a full business plan is a ton of work no doubt. If you are a student it could take 6 months or more to make a full plan. If you aren't seeking funding or don't want to create that full on business plan then what options do you have? I still think you should create a plan, just because it ..

Choosing A Business Idea - What Company Should I Start?

(April 24, 2008)  When choosing what business idea you should go with it is best to do it in sequential order. First examine your interests, goals, and capacity to generate prospective business ideas, and then based on that, evaluate the degree and your ability to which you can pursue them. As new and unique ..

Different Types of Student Businesses

(April 24, 2008)  When creating a student business there are four broad categories that we can define them as. The first is campus- based, the next is campus incubated, then campus-center, and finally campus-enterprise. These categories are not mutually exclusive, and most businesses at different times will overlap ..

Finding the Capital to Start a New business

(April 24, 2008)  When you are thinking about your capacity to pursue a new business venture, a concept you need to understand is capital. Capital is anything that can be owned or accumulated. You need to determine to what extent you and your team posses or have accumulated each of these five forms of capital: 1. ..

The Basics of Market Research for your New Business

(April 24, 2008)  To evaluate opportunities that might meet or match with your goals, interests, and ideas then you need to begin to analyze the marketplace. Competitive Analysis and Market research are the names of two fields that involve this. The basic approaches of conducting market research are these: Ground ..

Myths About Entrepreneurs

(April 20, 2008)  Many people have a lot of myths about what being an entrepreneur is and how it will shape/affect their life that are simply not true. These are the seven biggest myths that I continuously hear. 1. Being an Entrepreneur is too risky for me. Starting your own business in these days is not too much ..


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