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You Need More Than Money to Start Your Own Magazine Publication

(July 12, 2008)  Money is just one of the things you need to start your own magazine publication because there are other aspects of the business that are just as important to make it profitable. For one, you need to have a basic idea for your magazine. It should focus on a certain subject that you are ..

Starting Your Own Magazine Publication

(July 12, 2008)  Everybody wants to be their own boss. For that to happen, you need to do some research and enough capital. The same rules apply for anyone who wants to start their own magazine publication. The success of your magazine publication will depend greatly on the content. If you are doing something ..

A Dummys Guide to Marketing

(July 09, 2008)  Marketing isn't just about packaging a product. Part of it involves advertising. If you want people to know about your product, you have to put up ads and to help you get started, here are a few things to guide you along the way. First, your ad should have a catchy line. For instance, “lose ..

How to Start Your Career Being a Massage Therapist

(July 09, 2008)  If you love to work with your hands, perhaps you should be in a profession that does exactly that such as massage therapy. In fact, the US Department of Labor has shown in their latest report that there is demand for such professionals until the year 2012. If this sounds appealing to you, then you ..

A Career In Medical Transcription

(April 06, 2008)  Medical transcription has been in use since the 1950's. This is used to keep records of patients and since the doctor cannot do it themselves, this is where people like you who have the training can come in to help them and at the same time make some money. There are a lot of medical transcription .


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