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Golf, Pet and Hunting Products Share an Amazing Entrepreneur ...

(November 11, 2008)  My marketing consulting company reviews hundreds of new product submissions every year. We specialize in consumer product development. The items we analyze run the gamut of product categories. The most creative, prolific and many times, the most commercially exciting are golf, pet or hunting and ..

How to Start a Gourmet Food Product Business (Or Any Product ...

(November 11, 2008)  The first issue we see nascent entrepreneurs almost universally attempt to address is the perceived need for working capital. When we ask how much investment they believe is required to get their product to market, they never can justify what they identify as their magic number. I have yet to read ..

Alternative Marketing Strategies Successful Entrepreneurs Mu ...

(November 11, 2008)  The hundreds of entrepreneurs, inventors and small businesses that approach my marketing consulting firm each year with new product ideas all confront the same, basic hurdles in attempting to achieve commercial success. Issue number one, they perceive, is how to fund the project. Issue number two, ..

Why Do We Accept Government Incompetence, Decade After Decade!

(February 27, 2007)  Recently I visited a new car dealership, something millions of people in the United States do every month. Several weeks later I visited the Florida State Department of Motor Vehicles for a bit of license renewal. Contrasting the quality of these experiences says a lot about us as individuals, our ..

The Sales Theory of Relativity: ABC = Always Be Closing!

(January 22, 2007)  Albert Einstein’s famous “Theory of Relativity” (e = mc2) is as familiar to many millions of people as a popular modern commercial limerick for a soft drink or a jingle for a candy bar. Even though very few amongst these millions actually understand the scientific premise of the ..


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