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How to Motivate a Sales Team

(July 27, 2008)  Sales have always been one of the major concerns of any type of business. Generally, sales are directly proportional to the success of any business, i. e. , if the sales go up the business does well and if the sales arm is week, so is the business. So after hiring people for the job the most ..

Jobs For MBA

(July 26, 2008)  A few years ago MBA had a current that swallowed almost the entire Indian nation. Although the current has not yet subsided, many students and professionals are still turning to immerse in this wave of life. Of course MBA is a very recognised certification where your job and promotion and career ..

Casual Dress Code and Employee Motivation

(July 26, 2008)  Our work culture nestles into a daily life interspersing and making it also the same. Sometimes individuals find it hard to keep their personal and professional life different. One of the instances is the clothes one wears to office. Mostly as organisations have it, formals are to be worn to work. .

Benefits of Employee Motivation

(July 15, 2008)  The toughest job of the employer is retaining the employee. With the attrition rate high, employees are job hopping for greener pastures. Most times money is not the criteria, but human beings require positive strokes for functioning. It is very important to touch the areas of personality while ..

Jobs in the Apparel Industry

(July 14, 2008)  Retail outlets are flourishing globally. With business expanding, there is a need for resource allocation. Newer talents and proactive staff is required to manage the outlets. Malls and shopping complexes seem to be crowded all throughout the season, thereby stepping up sales. Apparel industry is ..

Significance of MBA

(June 28, 2008)  There is this constant discussion between intellectuals regarding the role formal education plays in building successful business ventures. Well, none can doubt the fact that a majority of the industrialists of the last two centuries, barely attained a formal education beyond a couple of grades of ..

Careers in Art

(June 28, 2008)  Until ten to twenty years ago one did not plan on being an artist or a film-maker. One simply stumbled in these careers while in the midst of a more serious career, like law, medicine, engineering, etc. However, today youth are encouraged to follow their heart and opt for creative careers in art. ..

Fun Team Building

(June 28, 2008)  Group dynamics is an important aspect for the success of any business - big or small. This is why companies are inviting trainers to conduct programs in team building and leadership. In fact, according to the experts, fun team building activities during the training program bring about dynamic team .

Six Sigma and Its Key Elements

(June 27, 2008)  Six Sigma is basically a business process that allows companies to improve their profit margins. Six Sigma stands for Six Standard Deviations. Six Sigma methodology provides the techniques and tools to improve the capability and reduce the defects in any process. (Sigma is the Greek letter used to ..

Making Oral Presentations

(June 27, 2008)  While hard work and good ideas are needed to achieve success, one's ability to express those ideas and to get others to join them is just as important. A lot of this verbal expression will be either individualistic, or in small groups, but there will be instances (and for some individuals) when one .

Career in Fashion Industry

(June 24, 2008)  The fashion industry is raging in India as any country in the world. More and more students are taking up this highly creative and outrageous career. Outrageous because there is a lot of differentiating once has to weave in with his or her product. There is no space for a me-too and plagiarism is ..

Jobs in Career Management

(June 16, 2008)  Those in field of managing careers have a very important role to play. In fact, it is one wherein, careers can be made or ruined. Usually, HR managers shift gears towards finding jobs in career management. These jobs pay well, as companies are always on the look out for professionals who can manage .

Jobs For Diploma Holders

(June 16, 2008)  Today there is so much more career options as compared to before when there were opportunities only for those who had earned their degrees. In fact, this has taken the load off many youngsters, who are not too keen on pursuing a full-time graduate program in any of the mainstreams, but would rather .

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

(May 27, 2008)  Success of every business depends upon how good a relationship it has with customers. This basic fact has catapulted the concept of customer relationship management to the forefront of many businesses’ strategic planning. With increasing competition, companies are forced to deploy new ..

Management As A Career

(May 27, 2008)  A man without education is almost like a toy without a battery. Education is gaining prime importance in today's competitive scenario. Management is one of the most popular career choices that students make to pursue their post graduation studies. MBA is the common abbreviation used for Masters of ..

Organizational Behaviour

(May 27, 2008)  Organizational Behaviour is one of the most crucial elements of management studies. This subject has been greatly researched upon and many great management thinkers have come up with separate theories which give us a fair idea about the nitty-gritty of this term. Organizational behaviour, as the ..

Books On Management

(May 27, 2008)  There are many books that are available in the market today. Management is best explained in these books in simple and lucid language that most of the students are comfortable with. Some of the best books on management are as follows: A book titled ‘First, Break all the rules’ which is ..

How MBA Helps In Learning Management

(May 21, 2008)  Education is of prime importance. Management is an important aspect of any industry. MBA as a career option opens many doors for good career prospects in the field of management. MBA helps one to achieve essential skills in managing an organization and running the business effectively. Being a ..

Careers In Management

(May 21, 2008)  Management careers are one of the most sought after careers in the modern times. Due to globalization and liberalization there are many companies that have started their operations across the world and thus require world class managers and leaders to run their operations. This has especially ..

How Management Evolved?

(May 21, 2008)  Management has kept on redefining itself over the years. It has been on a continuously reinventing spree. There are not enough literatures available to throw light on evolution of management before 18th century. But it is assumed that, given the magnitude of earlier era's construction and hugely ..

Effective Management Tips

(May 21, 2008)  "The art of getting things done through people" is how we define management. In a constantly changing global world, strategies and policies also keep changing. The dynamics of business need to be in sync with outer world. The strategies which acted as panacea few years back need not to be equally ..


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