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Body Language - Top 10 Tips for Reading Client's Posture and ...

(March 04, 2008)  In reading body language, you sometimes get very clear signals about what a client is thinking. In fact, our thoughts and feelings creep out in our postures and gestures. Here's an example. At a meeting, and uncomfortable subject was raised. One of the women at the meeting clearly did not want to ..

Body Language in Sales - 7 Tips for Body Language in a Clien ...

(March 04, 2008)  Body language changes with the situation. When you are giving a presentation, you are the one in control. Your body language should project a confident, professional image. Your posture and facial expressions show that you are handling the show. The situation is different when you visit a client's .

Body Language - 10 Tips for Reading People and Interpreting ...

(February 28, 2008)  Reading people and their body language can give you great insights into their true feeling. We use our head, arms, hands, shoulders and even legs and feet to make gestures, and emphasize what we are saying, but the majority of gestures are made with the hands and arms. Here are some things to look .

Women's Professional Image - 7 Tips to Look Promotable

(February 19, 2008)  If you want to be promoted, you've probably heard that you should dress for the job you want, not the job you have. Of course, this depends on your industry and your company. If you aren't sure what to wear, check what your boss or manager is wearing. How does the president of your company dress? .

Networking - 10 Ways to Survive and Thrive at Networking Events

(February 14, 2008)  Are you attending a networking event? It can be intimidating if you don't know what to say and do. Here are 10 tips to help you survive and thrive at networking events: 1. Arrive as early as you can. You'll avoid the angst of walking into a room full of strangers. Even better, you'll avoid having ..

Entrepreneur Networking - 5 Steps to Networking Success

(February 13, 2008)  Do you find it challenging to network? It can be downright intimidating to break into a crowd where you don't know a soul, and make small talk with strangers. But the potential for making good contacts at networking events is so high that it's worth taking the time and effort to hone your ..

Body Language - 5 Facial Expression Tips for Reading Client' ...

(February 13, 2008)  You only have seconds to make a first impression that can make or break a relationship. Since the face is the first thing we notice about a person, it's vital to use your face to make that crucial connection. Here are 5 facial expression tips to connect and make a fantastic first impression. 1. ..

Business Networking Techniques - 6 Networking Types You Don' ...

(February 13, 2008)  Have you ever been to a networking event and met people who make a poor impression? Some people try too hard. Some people hardly try at all. And some people just don't get it - they have no idea how to network for business, or the impression they make. Here are some networking behaviors that make ..

Body Language - 5 Tricks on How to Read Body Language for Sm ...

(February 13, 2008)  Body language can reveal so much. Understanding how to read body language can increase your small business success. Imagine meeting a client who says he is very happy to meet you. But he lowers his eyes, and turns his shoulders away from you. Do you think you'll be getting much business? Unlikely. .

Entrepreneur Networking - 5 Steps to Gaining Clients at Netw ...

(February 13, 2008)  For entrepreneurs, networking events are great places to meet new people that can help you build your business. Believe it or not, and you can actually have fun at the same time. The key is to prepare for the event, and learn some networking skills that can help you meet the right customers. Here .

Gift-Giving Business Etiquette - Avoid Embarrassing Mistakes ...

(December 16, 2007)  Gift giving etiquette can be a challenging ordeal. Have you ever been embarrassed when someone gave you a gift and you didn't have anything for them? Or when your gift was much more, or much less expensive than the one they gave you? Gift giving can be a challenge, especially at holiday time. ..

Office Parties - Avoid These Mistakes That Can Sabotage Your ...

(December 05, 2007)  Office party season is in full swing. And whether or not you eagerly look forward to the annual ritual of chatting with colleagues over chicken wings and sushi, there's an important concept to keep in mind: office parties aren't social events. They are business situations, and it's important to ..

Writing Business Memos - Different Styles of Business Memos ...

(November 20, 2007)  Writing business memos in different styles is vital in business communication today. Mastering the skill of writing a one-page business memo will make you a more powerful communicator. What is a business memo? The business memo is a simple way of communicating information inside an organization. ..


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