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What is Video Game Testing?

(June 29, 2008)  With the high amount of sales in the video game industry testing is in large demand. There is no particular type of education or degree required for video game testing. Once a person acquires this job their opinion about video games may change especially if they are expecting it to be all fun. The ..

Registered Nursing Employment - Is It Really That Good?

(April 01, 2008)  With the current nursing shortage we have on our hands, we need more nurses to care for the disabled and elderly. If you are considering a nursing career, you need to do your homework before you jump into your career. Employment for registered nurses will continue to exceed supply for the ..

Advance Your IT Career With Cisco Certification

(March 27, 2008)  If your are currently an IT professional looking to advance your career, you should take a hard look at Cisco Certification. Cisco is the leader in networking and switching technologies. With VOIP and other growing internet technologies the use of networking equipment is only going to grow. There ..

Unsuccessful Examples of ERP Implementation

(January 01, 2008)  ERP, which stands for enterprise resource planning is a process used by a number of companies around the world. This system can help a company easily organize their needs, and find new solutions to meet any needs they might have. Though the process has been used to much success by a number of ..

Project Management Software Tools For Your Success

(December 10, 2007)  One type of project management software tools that is available on the market today are those that send daily alerts, or reminders to everyone on the internal list. This is especially helpful for projects where the employees may be spread out across several areas, or where there are employees who ..

The Value Of Knowledge Management

(July 04, 2007)  As the saying goes, “Knowledge is king". This couldn’t be more true today's fast moving business climate. Knowledge Management is a key component in the information age for businesses to evaluate their Intellectual Capital and apply it properly innovate and compete with competitors. ..


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