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Four Letters That Spell Small Business Success - CTPM

(August 18, 2007)  C T P M for Starting Small Business Online These four letters spell the difference between having one or two visitors a day or . . having hundreds of visitors per day. What's more I know this is true because: I am building a website using C T P M that has over 600 visitors per day. I built a ..

Why is my Small Business Failing Online?

(August 15, 2007)  "Everyone has a website these days, it's a badge of honour but I really thought I would get some sales from my site and not just create a site and get absolutely no visitors and no sales" If this sounds like your site then it's time to start understanding why your site is failling. First of all ..

Seven Steps to Guaranteed Failure - How to Fail in Starting ...

(August 14, 2007)  Check for an available domain name. (Don’t do this) Register your trading name. (Don’t do this) Determine your payment method. (Don’t do this) Design your site. (Don’t do this) Find a host. (Don’t do this) Promote your site. (Don’t do this) Maintain your site. ..


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