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In Direct Sales - Increase The Number Of Bookings From Your ...

(March 18, 2007)  Bookings are the lifeline of your business because they provide immediate income, future bookings, and lead to new team members. Following are four simple ways to increase the number of bookings you receive at every show. Ask Every Guest Without a doubt, the most successful Direct Sellers ASK ..

In Direct Sales - Be A Product Of The Industry

(March 18, 2007)  New distributors hear this as soon as they join; seasoned distributors live it every day; trainers shout it from the rooftops so their organizations get it loud and clear… “Be a product of the product!" What does this mean? That depends on the company you are with. If you are a distributor ..

In Direct Sales - Are You A Recruitment Friendly Company?

(March 18, 2007)  Building from within is the fastest and most cost effective way to grow your organization. Visions of distributors holding opportunity events, conducting one-on-one interviews and requesting three-way calls with their upline are the things that direct selling executive’s dreams are made of. ..

A Goldmine Of Sales During The Holidays

(March 18, 2007)  The Holidays are a great reason to call ALL of your previous customers and hostesses to offer a show, schedule a private appointment and gather referrals. Here are just a few tips to help you get on that phone. Put yourself in a positive frame of mind before you make the call so you can transfer .

Balancing Sales With Sponsoring

(March 18, 2007)  Do you know how to row a boat? That’s right…row a boat. If you answered yes to this question, then congratulations you also know one of the greatest secrets to creating lasting success in Direct Sales. Growing your business the “smart" way is very much like rowing a boat. Let me ..


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