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Your Nonprofit Website "About Us" Page - Why It's ...

(April 04, 2007)  All nonprofits know - reputation and presence is everything! An “About Us” page on your charity website builds much-needed presence and establishes your organizations identity, with a minimal amount of effort on your part. “About Us” pages show your potential donors who you ..

Add Signature Files To Your 501c3 Emails - For More Donations

(April 04, 2007)  What Is A Email Signature (Sig File)? I’m sure you’ve seen them before. When a friend or business contact sends you an email, there’s a line of text at the bottom that offers an address, slogan, phone number, or website address. Some even include your friend’s business title .

Nonprofit Email Marketing - The Basics

(April 04, 2007)  Email marketing is a powerful advertising and networking tool that no serious nonprofit organization should be without. Whatever your 501c3’s mission, targeted email marketing is the best way to keep in touch with your donor base, expand your reach and improve your fiscal contributions. ..

Using SEO With Your Nonprofit Website - The Basics

(April 04, 2007)  Good SEO is essential for your nonprofit website’s success. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques increase your site’s chance of rising higher in organic search results (such as when people do a Google search for “Los Angeles Non Profit”) and attaining better site ..

Why Do I Need A Website For My Non-Profit?

(April 04, 2007)  The quick answer: So you can raise more money for your mission. In today’s dynamic world, the internet is a cornerstone of all successful nonprofit organizations. It’s a hub of your nonprofit advertising campaigns, a wealth of data and information about your charity, and the ultimate ..

6 More Non-profit Fundraising Ideas - From a Donor's Perspec ...

(March 20, 2007)  After reading PART 1, I’m sure that you are hungry for more. Here it is. Below are the latest fundraising ideas from non-profits in my area. Each non-profit fundraising technique includes the price it was offered to me at, the price I think is reasonable AND what goes through the mind when I ..

8 Non-profit Fundraising Ideas – From a Donor's Perspectiv ...

(March 10, 2007)  Not a week goes by when I am not approached by a non-profit organization and asked for a donation. Some charitable organizations do it with cold calling, some with selling candy. Some 501c3s offer the most ridiculous items and they are instantly dismissed. Some have great ideas at a reasonable ..


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