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Top Ten Tips for Book Titles that Sell Well

(June 16, 2007)  A clever title is great if it is clear, but a clear title is always preferable. The best? A clear and clever title. A shorter title is better than a longer one. Your reader will spend only four-eight seconds on the cover. While some long titles have succeeded, usually the shorter, the better. A ..

Advanced Article Marketing-Attract New Cllients by Leveragin ...

(February 13, 2007)  Maybe you've heard about article marketing. And even tried it. And, you may be missing out on recycling your articles to give you much more visibility than to just submit them to article directories and place them on your web ssite. Here's 10 Ways 1. Upload to your web site new articles every two ..

Top Ten Reasons to Write Articles to Publicize Your Business ...

(February 13, 2007)  If you have spent time and money down the drain waiting for “word of mouth" to kick in, or multiple hours on networking meetings, you may want to investigate this number one way to publicize your service. Writing and submitting articles to directories increases your daily web visitors ten ..

Professional Coaches-Do You Have All the Clients You

(February 07, 2007)  Maybe your are an emerging coach with only a few years experience. You love your work, but wonder how you can build your client numbers to all you can handle. Wouldn't that be great? Wouldn't you also like to know easier, less-expensive, and faster ways to attract new clients and keep them? Here's ..

Email Marketing That Works to Attract and Keep Coaching Clients

(January 26, 2007)  Have you emailed offers to potential coaching clients and not gotten a reply? Do you wonder what you are doing wrong? Or, do you wonder if email marketing really works? Maybe you should just stick to networking meetings, cold-calling, and word of mouth. Notice that you simply may need a new, ..

How to Spice up Your Writing with Dialogue

(January 26, 2007)  Does your chapter sound like a report? Does it go on and on with past tense sentences that tell, rather than show? To spice up your self help, non-fiction or fiction book and even promotional writing, you need to use much more dialogue. Why? Because dialogue presents your story through your ..

Top 10 Article Writing and Submission Mistakes That Stop Sales

(January 03, 2007)  Have you submitted articles to the high-traffic web sites and article directories, but had few people come to your site to buy? Do you want your advanced article marketing to work so well, you will realize triple, even quadruple sales at your site? And, never have to go back to expensive, hard work .

Want to Sell More Books Than You Ever Dreamed Of?

(January 03, 2007)  Of course you do. Yet, people don't know you exist unless you make them aware you do. It’s one thing to go to networking meetings, do talks, and send out media releases, but these take a lot of time, and the payoffs are small. What I want for you is BIG sales. You deserve them after all the ..

Top Ten Tips When Business is Slow (Updated)

(January 03, 2007)  How's your business going to keep growing with the holidays and tax time coming? What can you do when most people don't want to spend money now? If you are concerned the cash flow won't flow and you won't have enough income for the next months, check out these ten tips: 1. Create written copy to ..


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