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Kevin D Browne 
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Entrepreneurialism - Gift Or Disease?

(December 25, 2007)  Is entrepreneurial ism a gift or a curse? Sometimes it's really hard to tell. Some days I wish I could just wake up, fill my “Everyone Loves Dad" coffee mug and carpool to my mundane office job like in the movie “Office Space. " See, that way, I could day dream while I was filling out ..

How To Go From Writing 30 Second Award Winning TV Spots To W ...

(December 25, 2007)  I only tell you about my past to have it reflect the importance I put on the here and now. I was a heavy hitter in the copywriting world down in the city. I played Nintendo and went to the movies WHILE I dreamed up ways to see YOU floor wax. . . and it was easy. Why? Because I had no personal ..

Business And Ethics Are Not Oil and Water

(December 25, 2007)  Ever see the movie “Boiler Room"? It's all about a stock company where pump and dump and take no prisoners is the way to the ten thousand square foot Hamptons house and everything else. It's just about the worst example of business ethics run amok that Hollywood has ever captured. It makes ..

Don't Ever Let The Board Replace You As The Head Of YOU, INC

(December 25, 2007)  Branding yourself whether you are online or offline or on hold on the phone is in my mind one of the most important things you can do. It's the YOU Inc. principle and it is very important. When you have a philosophy that carries you through your business day and life, and you stick to those ..

Need To Start An Extra Income Stream

(January 03, 2007)  If you want an extra income stream, the best advice (and you'll hear me repeat this one over and over) is to research all of the potential options first. Do more than homework. Do a thesis. I would very much suggest that your research should have two major columns to it. Not pros and cons. . . ..


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