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To Raise Funds You Must Strategize

(June 10, 2007)  Just like all endeavors, you need a decent plan of action to make your fund raising work. What you need is a great strategy. Through the right combination of strategies you can easily address problems like operating expenses, identify specific projects and programs, and create backup plans like ..

Venture Capital in Arkansas

(June 10, 2007)  It's a risky business, but still, somebody decided to do it. Venture capital is a sort of financing scheme that funds businesses that have been found to have some growth potential. Venture capital is also called risk capital. For businesses that have very limited start-up capital, they could go ..

Tips in Raising Funds for a Good Cause

(June 08, 2007)  Getting people to support a cause may be easy but getting them to support it with money is another thing! People may feel sympathetic with the project and may even identify with the problem that you are aiming to solve but they may not go to the extent of supporting it with money. The most that ..

The Venture Capital Cycle

(June 07, 2007)  A company is formed after someone is able to invent something. Take for example Henry Ford who was able to invent the first vehicle using an engine instead of it being drawn by a horse. This classic example is just one of many. The only difference is during that time; Henry had the funds available .

Tips in Organizing a Non-Profit Fund Raising Event

(June 07, 2007)  Anyone can conduct a fund raising event. Many of these are non-profit meaning the proceeds collected doesn’t go to anyone except the recipients. There are a few things people need to go in order to make this happen and here are some of those tips. 1. The one who thought about it should have ..

Startup Capital for a Business Venture in Arkansas

(June 02, 2007)  California is home to some of the biggest computer companies in the world. In fact, not far away are schools like Stanford and Berkeley where some of the best engineers graduated. Given the close proximity of the companies and these institutions, it is no surprise that a lot of new software ..

The Details Involved in Event Fund Raising

(June 02, 2007)  There are many ways that ordinary people can help those who less fortunate in the world. The individual can sign up as a volunteer and help the cause or give a small amount as a donation. A lot of volunteers are tasked with marketing. This means creating awareness that such a project exists. This ..


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