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The Reasons Why We Love Coconut Milk

(August 31, 2016)  Coconut milk is growing in popularity, thanks to its versatility. Here are some of the reasons why we love coconut milk. From savouries to desserts One of our greatest uses for coconut is velvety smooth coconut milk. Coconut milk is tasty and easy to incorporate into our daily routine. What makes .

What’s so special about Anything Delivered?

(July 06, 2016)  What makes Anything Delivered unique from other delivery services is that it will get “anything” and “everything” delivered and any job completed for you. All you have to do is just call an Anything Delivered (AD) Helper. Its services can be booked via mobile, and website, ..

Benefits of Utilizing Pallet Racking Systems

(June 08, 2016)  Finding a method that will make best use of your storeroom is one of the most important things for your warehouse. You have to make the maximum use of the available space if you want to boost your earnings and output. The perfect storage method should be as easy, safe and extremely well-organized. ..

A Beginner’s Guide to Beach Resort

(June 08, 2016)  So you’re planning a vacation at a beach resort but have no idea what to expect? Trust me, you’re not alone. Before you book a beach resort, it’s crucial you understand what to expect and what not to expect. Otherwise, you could walk away absolutely dissatisfied. Every beach ..

How CA Coaching Classes Help You Improve Your Career

(February 22, 2016)  Just like engineering, medicine or MBA, Chartered Accountancy (CA) course is a preferred choice of students after completing Plus-Two. However, despite many opting for the course, the pass percentage is very small. This is because cracking the CA examination is not an easy task. It is here that CA ..

Benefits of Facilities Management Services.

(February 15, 2016)  We live at the time of fierce completion between organizations and products. The world is a place to prove the jungle law Survival of the Fittest. This results in all organizations looking for more efficient and cost effective solutions to all their needs. Contractual work seems the norm these ..

Future Scope for Chartered Accountants in India

(February 04, 2016)  Chartered Accountants are one of the most sought after as well as the most elite professionals in India. If we take into account India’s economic growth in the last 5 years, we need about 7,500 to 10,000 fresh CAs every year. Commerce and trade rule the 21st century, and only Chartered ..

Economic and Environmental Benefits of Retread Tyres

(February 03, 2016)  Tune to Tyre Talk Retreaded Tyre Tyre Retreading has been a process doing the rounds in the Tyre industry for the past two decades. It is a useful technology wherein old tyres are serviced by removing damaged and worn out threads and replacing them with new threads. After the retreading procedure .

What Is a Magic Mug?

(July 01, 2015)  Magic mug is a mug that unravels your photo or any image as if by magic when a hot liquid is poured into it. A magic mug would pass off as an ordinary black mug used to serve hot Tea or Coffee, but when the hot tea or coffee is poured into it, it changes colour and reveals the picture which makes ..

Renting Vs Building Data Centre

(April 04, 2015)  Data Centre: A Data Centre is a facility that acts as a physical infrastructure to a business. It houses computers, server and other telecommunications and storage hardware. It contains the necessary power, security, and bandwidth, backup and cooling systems for the accommodation of computing ..

How to buy corrugated box online

(March 16, 2015)  Corrugated boxes are affordable and recyclable. The convenience that these boxes offer has increased their popularity. They are both user-friendly and eco-friendly and are used for various kinds of packaging without causing any mess. They are of various sizes with several linings. You can choose ..

How the digital signage works

(March 05, 2015)  Digital signage is a great marketing tool that has become an essential for many businesses. You see them every day and they constantly serve as reminder of brands, products or services. They are a clever form of advertising employed by businesses. Digital signage is used to display advertising ..

How to weld stainless steel to cast iron

(February 17, 2015)  Stainless Steels are classified as Austenitic, Martensitic and Ferritic steels. Generally Stainless steels are weldable, but Austenitic Steel proves to have a higher weldability than its counterparts. The composition and mechanical properties of Austenitic steel makes it flexible for welding. The ..

What are the best advertising techniques?

(February 04, 2015)  Advertising is a lifeline to your business. They act as a line of connection between your business and customers. It has a host of benefits and most important being that it escalates visibility and increases the sales Before you choose the right technique for you, you need to know your customers. ..

The Marketing Trends in Australia

(December 26, 2014)  Marketing is the key word in today's fast paced world. Every nook and corner on the entire globe is connected to each other with the internet. Online promotion of various commodities, properties and things of daily use and also online shopping is gaining momentum and Australia is also not far ..

Things that needs to be considered when choosing Casting Mat ...

(November 18, 2014)  The Casting process is most often defined as a process for forming the required substance into specific shapes by the use of a mold. Metal casting usually employs many varieties of metals for creating molded end products. The process of casting dates back to about 1000’s of years. Some ..

Difference between malleable iron and cast iron

(November 03, 2014)  Foundries manufacture metal cast which can be grouped as follows: Ferrous Non – ferrous Iron – Grey, ductile, malleable, and alloy Aluminum - alloys of silicon, copper and/or magnesium Steel – Carbon, Stainless, Low alloy Copper – Pure copper, brass, bronze Zinc- alloys with .

Issues & maintenance of cast iron

(October 29, 2014)  Cast iron is a composition of iron (Fe), carbon(C) and silicon (Si) and it is one of the oldest ferrous metals. It is used in construction and outdoor ornament. Apart from the normal composition cast iron may also contain some traces of sulphur, manganese and phosphorous. The carbon content is ..

Difference between Ductile Iron Castings and Grey Iron Castings

(October 18, 2014)  Cast iron is a ferrous alloy which liquefies when heated and it is used to pour into the mould to solidify. Pig iron is the source of iron castings and there are different types of iron castings which are classified based on its carbon and silicon content. Grey cast iron, white cast iron, malleable .

Things to consider before buying a fastener

(October 01, 2014)  Fasteners are hardware things used to connect or attach two or different objects. Fasteners are of many types and are used for specific purpose. They are special closing equipment used for closing containers. They have supreme importance in industrial field because purchasing fasteners in one of ..

Interesting facts about the Silks

(September 30, 2014)  Silk is one of the most precious natural fibre which is blessed with sheen, lusture and good quality. Its history dates back to thousands of years and the place of its origination is China. Chinese were so particular about keeping their knowledge about silk rearing a secret that if anyone tried ..

How to choose Fireproof file cabinets matching your office i ...

(September 27, 2014)  A fire proof safe provides the best protection against not only fires, but also against water, humidity, pressure, breakage, external stress and burglary. A fire proof file cabinet is necessary to hold all your vital documents in one place, so that you can gain an easy access when the situation ..

The uses of steel Castings

(September 26, 2014)  Cast steel is one type of a metal created by heating the iron in the crucible container and so the steel is referred as crucible steel. Combining iron along with other alloys or carbon results in steel. The manufacturing of steel almost removes any impurities in iron, which makes steel harder and ..

Applications of the ductile iron

(September 22, 2014)  What is Ductile Iron? Cast iron is nothing but an alloy of carbon, iron and silicon wherein the carbon content is 3.2% whereas the silica level is 2.2%. Duct iron is a kind of cast iron which was invented by Keith Millis in the year 1943. The other names of duct iron are nodular cast iron, ductile ..

Questions to Answer before Buying File Cabinets

(September 20, 2014)  Buying a fire proof filing cabinet is necessary not only for corporate houses but also for families. Every person has some documents, digital media, crucial papers and more that has to kept safe. The best option that provides this sort of protection is a fire proof filing cabinet. Whether you are ..


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