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How to use market segmentation for your business strategy

(June 19, 2017)  When selling or marketing a product, brand promoters want to be sure that they are marketing the product to the correct audience. Why do some things only appeal to a few particular segments of the market while other things have a vast appeal and a bigger market? Understanding the market segments ..

How Market Segmentation Is Exactly What Your Company Needs

(April 14, 2017)  One of the practices used in marketing is called Market segmentation. This is quite effective during the research part of a marketing campaign, giving your company a more direct group of consumers to research and target. Market segmentation can best be described as the process of dividing a broad ..

How Mapping the Consumer Journey Can Help You Succeed

(March 29, 2017)  While online business has given companies a new way to engage with their customers and clients, perhaps some of the most exciting aspects of a digitized world is the access to information. Today, we can map out a consumer journey, and that can tell us the story of how people found you and became ..

How to Use Customer Segmentation to Benefit Your Company

(March 14, 2017)  What is Customer Segmentation? In terms of marketing, customer segmentation is defined as a process that involves dividing a company’s customer base into groups of individuals. These groups each contain individuals that are similar in specific ways as they are relevant to marketing: this may ..

The Risks and Rewards of Omnibus Surveys

(February 25, 2017)  If you work in the marketing business, you have likely heard of omnibus surveys. Omnibus surveys are large-scale surveys whose costs, distribution and results are shared by several companies. Each company contributes questions or research areas, and each company gets to view the results of each ..

The Basics of Concept Testing

(January 28, 2017)  Concept testing is one of the first forms of market research that you can rely on when developing a new product, ad campaign, or packaging design. So what exactly is concept testing, and what does it contribute to your project? How Concept Testing Saves You Time Imagine that you developed a product .

Various Types of Paper Suppliers and their Product Description

(June 23, 2016)  The word paper is derived from the word “papyrus”, a plant found near the Nile river about 5,000 years ago. The person credited with the invention of paper was a Chinese by name Ts’ai Lun. By the end of 18th century the labours of Nicolas Luis Rober resulted in creation of ..

Various Types of Paper Manufacturers and Their Production Te ...

(June 23, 2016)  The History The art of paper making has been traced to China, where the history suggests it was invented in the province of Han Dynasty. Paper was made out of mulberry, hemp waste and fiber. Thus, Chinese were the earliest pioneers for manufacture of paper in its earliest form. However, the ..

5 Reasons why Printing Postcards Is an Effective Marketing S ...

(June 01, 2016)  With the invention of telephone and internet, people hardly write letters to each other anymore. Yet, we often see our mail boxes filled with postcards and mails from various companies. Just give it a thought. In times like these where people don’t even consider writing letters and posting ..

Different Types of Direct Mail Solutions

(April 28, 2016)  In times of digital and mass media marketing, direct mail strategy seems to be outdated for a common person. But marketing professionals know how influential mails can be, and there are a number of business verticals that still prefer direct mail marketing over anything else. Personalized mail ..

A Simple Guide to Direct Mail Solutions

(April 08, 2016)  Direct Mail marketing is a marketing technique that has been prevalent almost all throughout the past two centuries, after the use of postal services became common. Businesses and other organizations adopted this mail service to bypass advertising requirements for marketing. For new businesses and ..

How to Use Direct Mail for Nonprofit Fund Raising

(February 17, 2016)  Direct Mail is still going strong and remains one of the best methods available for fundraising. The rise of the internet has introduced other marketing mediums, but that does not make it obsolete. Just like the way paperbacks aren’t dying because e-books have arrived. Direct mail campaign ..

Real Estate Direct Mail Marketing - 3 Reasons Why Real Estat ...

(January 16, 2016)  The combined value of housing units in the United States is $25.7 trillion. It keeps on changing hands from home sellers to real estate agents. Well, to have a share of the pie, real estate agents have to push a lot. With the advent of the online marketing, a realtor finds it easy to achieve their .

How to make the most out of family office in Los Angeles ser ...

(November 18, 2015)  If you’re an owner of a family owned business, then you will understand the importance of preserving the wealth that your family has accumulated over the years. That is why there are family office, Los Angeles accountants who can help you with this, and maximize your profits. Getting the ..

A Definitive Guide to Nameplate Engraving Machine

(November 17, 2015)  As engravings and product markings are legally mandatory in many cases and are essential for proper branding and marketing of any product, a cost effective and time saving engraving and product marking solution is very much in demand. Durable nameplates that last the test of time with amazing ..

Maximising your profit through entertainment accounting

(October 13, 2015)  For anyone who works in the arts and entertainment industry, you know the importance of maintaining your profit, and getting what you deserve from your earnings. That is why there are project managers who will help you seek the fruit of your labour. They are experienced in their field, and they ..

Tips for Better Custom Postcard Designing and Printing

(October 05, 2015)  Postcards are compatible, eye-catchy and one needn’t open it to read what is written on it. There is no necessity for envelopes that would actually attract the clients to open and see what is inside it. A good customized card would stand apart from the rest of the marketing materials and ..

Tips for Custom Postcard Printing

(October 05, 2015)  Customized postcard marketing can be called a highly efficient yet affordable way to reach out to customers. Though it seems to be a very small investment, the returns on investment seem to be high. But the entrepreneur whether of big or small business, should be careful enough while designing and ..

Choosing the Best Postcard Printing Services

(October 05, 2015)  Nowadays, business owners have started using postcards as an important tool to propagate their products and services, and also to enhance their profitability. They are one of the best methods to advertise at a low-cost and bring high-profit. In today’s world of economic crisis and huge ..

Mistakes Committed in Direct Mail for Non Profits Fundraisin ...

(October 01, 2015)  Raising money with funds constitute an integral part of a fundraising program. However, it is very complicated. You can make many mistakes that can undermine the success of the appeal. Here are stated some of the mistakes made in the direct mail for non profits fundraising letters. • You will .

How You Can Use Postcard Printing For Effective Marketing

(October 01, 2015)  With all the emphasis on digital marketing these days, people tend to forget a few tried-and-true methods. Postcard printing is one of them, but it is experiencing a revival as business owners re-discover its powerful charms to deliver results. Printing postcards is an economical and simple sales ..

Various Types of Industrial Marking Systems

(October 01, 2015)  Different industry has different marking requirements and in this respect each industry offers some unique challenges as far as precise and durable marking output is concerned. But these differences apart, they also share an array of common things that invariably apply across industries. Some of ..

Variable Printing Services for Marketing

(September 30, 2015)  Bulk mail is one of the most effective and efficient means of advertising and reaching out to customers without much investment. People take pains to at least read the mail in their letter boxes rather than the emails in their Inbox. Here are a few tips to produce competent variable letters that ..

Tips for Direct Mail for Non Profits

(September 29, 2015)  There have been cases when several non profits have experienced frustrations due to lack of donor responses to their nonprofit fund raising efforts. Direct mail for non profits require staffs to devote energy and time into producing, writing and getting the mass mailing replaced by the new and ..

Postcard Printing Services for Effective Marketing

(September 29, 2015)  When it comes to marketing your business, you need to consider several important aspects. For example, you need to devise an effective marketing plan. The current fierce competition in the market makes it important to make your brands popular and unique among the prospective clients. You can attain .


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