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Fingers burnt by hiring freelancers? Hire a virtual employee ...

(November 30, 2012)  Are you weary of chasing the freelancers to whom you have given your project? Do you feel that you have had enough? Do you want really dependable services and at the same time want to enjoy all the benefits of outsourcing? If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, then your best bet ..

Vendor Selection Plays A Crucial Role In Outsourcing

(June 26, 2012)  Off late, outsourcing has become the buzzword of the business world. More and more companies are embracing outsourcing to increase profitability and to stay ahead of the competition. However, selecting the right vendor to outsource your project needs a lot of preparation at your own end. The most ..

Outsourcing Master Plan To Beat First Time Outsourcing Blues

(June 19, 2012)  As outsourcing is getting acceptance across a large spectrum of companies and entrepreneurs, at any given point in time, there are many business owners who are outsourcing for the first time. It is advisable for these new players to give some time to planning before taking the plunge. This ..

What Are The Problems You Can Face In Searching For The Righ ...

(April 20, 2012)  As the remote or virtual employee grows in popularity in the outsourcing industry, having proved to be a far more valuable asset than the hitherto natural choice of a freelancer, more and more companies in the US and elsewhere as well are looking to hire one. Obviously, India is where most of the ..

The Three Most Popular Outsourcing Models

(April 10, 2012)  Outsourcing has its genesis in the Industrial Revolution that rocked Europe between 1750 and 1900. By the 20th century, the changing global political and economical climate, coupled with the Information Technology boom, had given further impetus to outsourcing, making it one of the crucial pillars ..

Virtual Employee Pvt Ltd Client Review : Constantly Strives ...

(April 09, 2012)  VirtualEmployee has become the natural first choice for outsourcing in world wide web. Clients are satisfied with services. In this article, clients from the US, UK share their outsourcing experience, and how proved to be the best choice for outsourcing. One .

VirtualEmployee Service Is For Hiring Long-Term, Full Time W ...

(April 02, 2012)  Ever since outsourcing proved to be the best thing that could have happened to financially beleaguered businesses in the US and the UK, it has increasingly become a necessity rather than an option for companies. As a means of staying ahead of rivals in a highly competitive economic climate, ..

How to Welcome a Newly Recruited Virtual Employee

(March 31, 2012)  When you hire the services of an outsourcing company, it's made sure by the company that the professionals who are hired fit the bill and can do a good job of what's expected from them. Outsourcing companies also make sure that technology is put to use in such a way that once these professionals ..

Qualities of a Virtual Employee That Separates The Men From ...

(March 02, 2012)  For a long time now, doomsayers have shouted themselves hoarse saying that outsourcing is all about corporates cutting costs and saving money, never mind if it's ruining the economy of their country of residence. Doomsayers have also said many times that apocalypse was just around the corner and ..

For Startups Looking For Greater Business Success, Virtual S ...

(February 29, 2012)  Finances are always an issue with any startup – be it a home business dealing in gifts or software company just tentatively starting out. Conserving finances is a foremost priority with an emphasis on trimming any unwanted fat and keeping expenses as lean as possible. Outsourcing can help in ..

What Makes India The Best Outsourcing Destination?

(February 27, 2012)  India and outsourcing are often mentioned in the same breath. In fact the very mention of the word ‘outsourcing’ in the UK or the US brings to mind just one country – India. Why has India become so synonymous with outsourcing? What makes it the first choice for outsourcing for ..

Should I Hire Overseas Freelancers

(February 20, 2012)  When it comes to outsourcing, one of the main dilemmas that many companies go through revolves around this question: should I hire overseas freelancers? The dilemma is understandable in the light of the bad press that freelancers have managed to generate in recent times. From abandoning projects ..

Data And Intellectual Property Security A Fear For Clients W ...

(February 18, 2012)  Offshore freelancing may have come as a boon for the hundreds and thousands of companies in the US that could not afford to hire locally because of the prohibitive salaries, but it also has its fair baggage of pitfalls and drawbacks. One of the biggest concerns of companies who outsource to ..

Outsource Your Flash Design Work To Full-Time Flash Designer ...

(January 17, 2012)  Flash is one of the most popular and stylish web design techniques available today. A website than runs on Flash can undoubtedly pack a greater punch than one that is based on simple HTML. A Flash web developer can make web applications more interactive. Outsource Flash designing to a full-time, ..

The Term 'Outsourcing' Can Mean Different Things To Differen ...

(January 16, 2012)  Mention the term ‘outsourcing’ and different associations get formed in the minds of different people. For instance, outsourcing may conjure up images of a freelancer working in some remote location in a far away Third World country. Or, it could mean project outsourcing large chunks of .

Why Is Outsourcing Crucial To My Business?

(January 11, 2012)  A direct answer to the question, ‘Why is outsourcing crucial to my business?’ would be: ‘Outsourcing is crucial to your business because it is cost-effective, increases productivity, allows you access to more talent and gives you a competitive edge over your rivals. In today's ..

Outsourcing – Focus On What You Do Best, Hire Experts To W ...

(January 04, 2012)  If one were to give a simple definition of outsourcing, what would it be? Outsourcing can be defined as contracting out your non-essential functions to those who have expertise in that field, leaving your human resources free to focus on what they do best, namely, making profits and expanding your ..

Build A Custom Team Of Professionals That Are Dedicated To Y ...

(December 30, 2011)  The concept of outsourcing almost immediately conjures up images of a lone freelancer operating from home, in some Third World country, thousands of miles removed from you. Which, of course, is true. The image that doesn't come so easily to mind is that of several professionals working on your ..

Why A Dedicated SEO Is Better Than a Freelance SEO

(December 24, 2011)  An SEO can play a crucial role in improving a website's rank position on various search engines and increase targeted traffic and business towards that website. In today's competitive business world, businesses need to create effective and economical marketing and promotions for both their online ..

Beat The Regulations And The Red Tape And Hire A Virtual Emp ...

(December 20, 2011)  International companies who have tried out the concept of hiring a virtual employee to handle their outsourced work are not just singing all the way to the bank but are also a hugely relieved lot. And the reason for this lies in the fact that they are completely spared the horrors of government ..

Hire A Dedicated Employee and Simplify Your Outsourcing Process

(December 19, 2011)  While outsourcing is now increasingly being viewed as a necessity rather than an option, there are scores of companies, mostly the SMEs, who face a typical dilemma when it comes to outsourcing. The most pertinent is obviously hiring the desirable worker. Till recently, it was the ubiquitous and ..

Top 5 Marketing Tasks That Can Be Outsourced

(December 15, 2011)  The scale of your business doesn't matter – you could be a small to medium business enterprise or even a seasoned entrepreneur. Marketing is as essential for a small business as it is for a large conglomerate, to reach out better and faster to the target market. But, most business owners are ..

The Dedicated Virtual Employee Model Of Outsourcing

(December 12, 2011)  There are different models of outsourcing that are available, each catering to a specific segment, and each commanding a different following. Freelancers are suitable for very low-cost, non-collaborative and short-term projects. Project outsourcing has traditionally been practiced by the big ..

Take Advantage Of Web Analytics Outsourcing Services To India

(October 11, 2011)  Outsource to India web analytics and avail the advantages of a substantially improved conversion rate, a dynamic web presence, and an increase in visitor traffic. Trained web analysts will use Google Analytics (free) or Omniture (paid) web analytics tool to give you more insight on the activity on ..

What Is The General Criteria For Job Outsourcing?

(September 28, 2011)  Outsourcing has come to be an integral part of the global economic scenario today. Thanks to the advances in technology, it is no longer essential to have the employer and the employee work together in the same office. They could be continents and time zones removed from each other and still manage .


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