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Safe and Easy Beauty Procedures for the perfect summer body

(November 30, 2011)  As summer approaches you’ll be keen to get your body in tiptop swimsuit shape. While you’re working on that new gym routine to lose those last few pesky kilos, you might also be looking into some of the latest cosmetic and beauty procedures. Ten or fifteen years ago, cosmetic surgery ..

Why businesses lease equipment and how you can help your cli ...

(November 14, 2011)  If you’re an equipment supplier or distributor, you’ll have a loyal and reliable base of customers that will make up a significant portion of your business. You’ll be looking for ways to deliver more value and really look after their needs so that you’ll remain a supplier of .

Setting Up Your Home Office: Tips and Hints

(August 12, 2011)  If you’re a student, self-employed or regularly work from home for some other reason, you probably have some sort of home office set-up in your study. But it most likely developed without much of a plan, just slowly growing as your needs grew or changed. However, a bit of planning and ..

An Office for All Seasons

(August 03, 2011)  Function over fashion is an oft cited piece of business advice, but there are times when you simply need to look attractive to potential clients – from your products or services to the way your office looks. The latter may not seem like a big deal, but if you’re bringing someone in for ..

Furnishing Your New Office

(August 02, 2011)  Setting up a new office can be a costly and timely exercise. However, like everything in life, if you create a budget and make sure you know exactly what you want in your new surroundings, you can get things done a lot more efficiently. Make sure to take into account your staff levels (both ..


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