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Tiffany C. Wright 
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The Differences Between an LLC and an LLP

(January 16, 2013)  Limited liability companies are attractive to small-business owners because of their liability-shielding benefits and the ease of formation and ongoing administration. Like business owners in other industries, more professional service firms are choosing the LLC structure. Limited liability ..

What Happens When a Business Places a Lien on its Property & ...

(January 16, 2013)  Business loan and credit providers prefer profitable companies with a strong multi-year operating history and strong cash flow. If the business does not fit this profile, lenders and large suppliers will want collateral. According to the National Foundation of Independent Business, property – .

How to Engineer a Freeze Out of a Minority Shareholder

(January 15, 2013)  Company owners who bring in outside investors or business partners may come to rue their decision. Owners and investors may differ strongly on the company's strategic direction, personnel recruitment or dividend distributions. Primary owners, as the majority shareholder, typically have a couple of ..

Four Asset Based Lending Sources for Small Businesses

(June 27, 2011)  Beyond the traditional bank debt (term loan or line of credit), there are a number of alternative debt sources for small businesses. Typically small business owners think about credit lines and other loans that are guaranteed by their personal assets or by their signature when considering financing .

How to Engage Equity Investors

(June 27, 2011)  If you want to engage equity investors for your business, then you need to know what investors are seeking. Knowing investors’ wants will help you as a business owner tailor your investor pursuit which typically includes the following: the people you talk to, your “elevator ..

Peer-to-Peer Lending Network Sites

(June 27, 2011)  One new and growing source of microloans (those under $35,000 to $50,000) is peer-to-peer lending networks. Peer-to-peer lending, also sometimes called social lending, providers make direct loans between consumers and investors possible. There is no third party intermediary like at a bank where the .

Working Capital for Business

(April 20, 2011)  One of the greatest needs that small businesses have is the need for working capital. Working capital is the lifeblood of the business, the fuel that funds the daily operations and ability to pursue near-term growth opportunities for the business. Working capital is officially defined as ..

How to Transition from Corporate America to Small Business O ...

(April 20, 2011)  With so many professional people being laid off in the past 18 – 24 months, and with so many of them having experienced difficulty finding new positions at similar titular levels and pay, many of these people are considering transitioning to small business ownership. Some are considering ..

Four Ways to Make Your Business Virtual

(April 01, 2011)  With today's technology, it is now easier than ever to run your small business virtually. I remember reading about a company on the Inc. 500 list a couple years ago that had approximately $46 million in revenue and over 100 consultants but did not have a physical office. The three founders, who ..

How to Avoid Getting Turned Down for a Bank Business Loan

(April 01, 2011)  If you have been pursuing a business bank loan (term loan or line of credit) and have been turned down at least once if not more, ask yourself the following questions: “Did we approach someone with signature authority or did we meet with a low level employee who has to fight for every ..

Eight Steps to Build Business Credit

(April 01, 2011)  How do you build your business credit? Here’s what Wells Fargo Bank has said regarding Separating Personal and Business Finances. . . "The longer you delay establishing business credit, the longer you delay taking advantage of business loans. " By strengthening your business credit, you ..


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