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Louis Vuitton Cruise Bulles Bag 2010

(December 23, 2010)  If people want to know the fashion trend of handbags, they just need to see Louis Vuitton handbags. They are sure to top fashionable bags. Louis Vuitton handbags are loved by famous celebrities. There are many masterpieces of LV. The 2010 collection is another impressive collection. There are many .

The Purse in My eyes

(December 23, 2010)  In most people’s opinion, purse is just the container which stores money. But as far as I am concerned, purse is my favorite and most precious thing, because it is the bond that leads me to find my true love. One morning, when I hurried to the library and looked for my lost purse, but to no ..

How to Choose a Pendant or a necklace

(December 23, 2010)  It is possible to improve a female’ look by a simple pendant or a necklace. Actually they are necessary for all the women to become the focus of the public when they attend all kinds of occasions varying from big ceremonies to birthday parties. However we must have the basic knowledge of ..

Arcadia Remade AC01 Watch

(November 12, 2010)  The come-back of old watch brands was a usual thing before economic crisis. Now, things are quite different. I have just seen a few cases in these years. The Arcadia, an older watch brand, is right an example. It has just been reborn and remade their older model AC01. The Arcadia remade AC01 watch .

Ball Gown Short Sleeve Sweetheart Embroidery Sash Wedding Dress

(November 12, 2010)  Some people like classic and timeless wedding dress while other people like chic and modern wedding gown. You may say you like both styles. Don’t worry. Here is a stunning wedding dress with both classic and modern elements. It is made from high quality satin and chiffon material and comes ..

Dubey & Schaldenbrand GRAN’ CHRONO ASTRO

(November 11, 2010)  Nowadays, the stereotyped viewpoint that watch is the only love of man has been totally converted. The modern women also show great passion towards high-end watches, especially those encrusted with sparkling diamonds. I think no women can resist their charm since women are born to love diamonds. As .

New Speedy 2010-Omega Speedmaster Broad Arrow Co-Axial

(November 11, 2010)  The new Speedmaster Broad Arrow Co-Axial is the latest upgrade for the legendary Omega model. While reserving the standard features of the original speedmaster, it comes with not a few lovely new trims that gets my thumbs up. The dial boasts elegant Geneva waves pattern. The three subsidiary dials ..

Hublot Ayrton Senna Embraces the 50th Anniversary

(November 09, 2010)  As one of most famous watch brands in the world, Hublot’s models are all fabulously made, but there is one that is so special and legendary – the Ayrton Senna, which would have turned 50 on November 3, 2010. On the occasion of the Interlagos Grand Prix in Brazil, Senna’s sister ..

Think Twice Before Buying Engagement Ring From Tiffany's

(November 08, 2010)  When asked about the feeling of getting engaged to somebody, the girls may give you a smile with a hint of shyness and happiness, while to most guys things may be a little different. I am not saying the guys are not happy with this, but they’ve got more things to take care of, such as buying ..

My Opinions of Leather Belts

(November 08, 2010)  Originally, belts are used to fasten trousers. But now, they have decorative functions. Markets have introduced all kinds of belts which attract more and more people. As for the materials, belts can be made of leather, canvas, flannel and so on. All of them have different performances. Leather ..


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