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Can I Fix My Xbox 360 For Zilch?

(August 01, 2009)  The Xbox 360 is not a cheap item to get. For this reason it is no surprise to get angry when the machine breaks down on you. Nobody wants to pay to have it repaired after forking out so much to buy it in the first place. The query that often comes up is “can I fix my Xbox 360 for free?" ..

How Do I Remove A Stuck Disk With An Xbox 360 Repair Guide?

(July 25, 2009)  Have you ever been caught in the situation where your Xbox 360 game has got stuck in your console and you have been unable to remove it. How frustrating is that? So what do you do? You could attack the disk try of your Xbox 360 system with a screwdriver of course, but the risk to your console and ..


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