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1031 Reverse Exchange

(August 09, 2007)  A 1031 reverse exchange is similar to a 1031 exchange except for a couple of crucial differences. Many of these same rules are in place but there are a couple of additional rules you must know about. This article will first explain the benefits of using a 1031 reverse exchange as well as the ..

1031 Tax Exchange Properties and What to Look For

(August 08, 2007)  1031 tax exchange properties have very specific requirements attached to them and this article will focus upon what to look for when searching for 1031 tax exchange properties. To give a little background on the IRS and what it considers a particular property, it is necessary to speak to you about .

The Specifics of the 1031 Tax Exchange Rule

(August 08, 2007)  In 1991, the IRS issued a publication which gave the specifics of the 1031 tax exchange rule. This short article will focus upon the qualifications you need to meet to qualify for a 1031 tax exchange. The property which you sell must fit under a particular category of the IRS code. It can only be ..

1031 Tax Exchange Database

(August 08, 2007)  It is very hard sometimes to find a property which you will want to hold in your real estate portfolio for a long period of time when you know that you have a fast approaching deadline. This article will focus upon locating a tax exchange database as this might provide a list of properties which ..

1031 Real Estate Exchange And The Importance Of A Qualifying ...

(August 07, 2007)  A 1031 real estate exchange can provide great benefit to your financial net worth and is one of the most important tools in a real state investors’ toolbox. This article will specifically focus upon the importance of choosing a very good qualifying intermediary and what factors you should ..

1031 Exchange - How to Acquire Properties

(August 07, 2007)  This article will focus upon the use of a qualifying intermediary and identify the work which is done by these companies. It will also give a short and simple breakdown on the fees most often charged by qualifying intermediaries. This paragraph will explain the technical work of a qualifying ..


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