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Best Futures For Short Term Trading and Day Trading

(December 13, 2008)  Futures markets lend themselves to short term trading, as the high leverage and volatility allow for substantial profit potential on an intra-day basis. However, not all futures are appropriate for very short term trading. There are other considerations as well. A short term trader needs to be able .

Trading Systems For Futures - Pitfalls to Avoid

(December 05, 2008)  All traders should have a system to guide themselves when trading futures, one that provides buy and sell signals. It can be as simple or complicated as you need. The most important factor when deciding upon a trading system is to determine if it has a positive expectation. That means, if followed, .

Futures Trading - How to Be a Successful Trader

(October 29, 2008)  Many people approach the futures markets much as they would a casino. They trade based on hunches, they do not have a plan, and because of that they get caught up in the excitement of the markets. This causes them to lose sight of what should be their primary objective - making a profit. This is ..

Futures Spread Trading - Increase Your Trading Arsenal Usin ...

(October 20, 2008)  Very few individual speculators trade futures spreads and very few speculators are profitable on a regular basis in the futures markets. Who trades spreads? Primarily hedgers and the professional speculators, and most professional speculators are profitable - otherwise trading would not be their ..

Futures Vs Stocks - 6 Key Differences For Traders

(October 16, 2008)  Many traders trade nothing but stocks their entire life. Some however make the jump into the futures arena. Why is it that there is sometimes such a reluctance on the part of experienced traders to make that leap. For the most part it seems that there still exists the impression that futures are so .


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