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HHO Gas Generator Blue Prints Save Today!

(July 16, 2008)  So you've heard of these HHO generators? They're really great devices that can cut your monthly gas expenditures by 20 to 50 percent! Just as an example, my Acura Integra used to get about 30 miles per gallon and I'm nearly at 60 miles per gallon after installing my own kit! Great! But how can you ..

How to Build an HHO Cell

(July 16, 2008)  If you're wondering how to build an HHO cell I'll give you a basic run down on a basic setup. You'll first need a glass jar such as a mason jar, a jam jar, pickle jar, etc. You'll need wiring of a gauge that can withstand the amount of electricity, an electrode, electrolyte, hosing with fittings, ..

HHO Schematics How to Get Them

(July 16, 2008)  HHO is the latest in gas saving technology. It's able to turn any gasoline or diesel engine into a fossil fuel / hydrogen burning hybrid. It's fairly simple to setup and install and can save you a LOT of gas every month. We're talking almost being able to cut your bill in HALF! I've nearly reached ..

How to Make a HHO Generator For Your Car

(July 16, 2008)  Tired of Gas Prices? I know I am. The price per barrel of oil at the time of this writing is over $130 and rising. That means WE get to pay over $4 for each gallon of gas. That's terrible considering how little we used to pay even just 5 years ago! Well there's a new way to cut down on how much gas .

Buy HHO Cell Generator Start Saving Gas Today

(July 15, 2008)  Perhaps you've heard of these new HHO generators? They're AWESOME! With the gas prices growing at an alarming rate people have already begun seeking new ways to save some money at the pump. But How Do They Work? Our cars use gasoline to create a series of small controlled explosions within the ..

Buy a HHO Fuel Converter For Cars

(July 15, 2008)  Today I paid $50 at the pump. I remember not even five years ago I filled up the SAME TANK for a little over TEN DOLLARS! Isn't it ridiculous? Gas prices are getting horrible. But at least I'm only feeling half the pain these days thanks to my great HHO fuel converter. A lot of friends have been ..

Purchase a Hydrogen Conversion Kit What to Know

(July 15, 2008)  If you'd like to purchase a hydrogen conversion kit you're already ahead of everyone else! Hydrogen generators have recently begun making their way into peoples cars across the country. Going to the gas pump today is painful! Well HHO isn't a 100% cure for the problem but it doesn't cut it down ..

Hydrogen Generators Plans Where to Get Them?

(July 15, 2008)  Going to the gas stations makes me sick to my stomach. WOO HOO there goes another $50! NOT EVEN FOUR days later and I'm back from my next round of pain. One day I finally said to myself enough is enough and I began my hunt for a better way. That's when my buddy referred me to some hydrogen ..

Water For Gas Kit Save Gas Now!

(July 15, 2008)  It's been all over the news. You hear it almost daily from friends, family and co-workers. Gas prices SUCK! They're getting worse too! With the economy in a down turn, now is not a great time to be losing your hard earned money at the pump. But what can you do? Well I asked myself the same thing ..

Want to Buy a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Generator?

(July 14, 2008)  It's 2008 and the economy is on a slip and slide into an economic recession! Gas prices are going up and up and up! When will it end? Sadly it probably won't. Our country is buried in debt. The war. The housing market. Oil consumption is on the rise globally. All of these factors are causing this ..

How to Buy a Car Hydrogen Generator

(July 12, 2008)  If you're like me you're probably interested in finding a good way to start cutting down on the cost to fill up your gas tank. Oil prices are out of control and going no where but up. My total commute everyday is an hour and a half. When I was getting even 30 miles per gallon I had to fill up at ..

Hydrogen Generator Plan Cut Down on Gas With HHO

(July 07, 2008)  The gas prices keep going up! When will it end? Sadly it probably won't end. Gas is expected to reach at least $5 a gallon by the end of this summer and continue to rise. How much are you paying for a tank these days? It costs me $60 every time I fill up now! However myself as well as others have ..

Hydrogen Generator Kit For Cars

(July 06, 2008)  Hydrogen is the most plentiful atom on the planet. It's not only in the air we breath but it composes two thirds of all the water on earth. It's packed with explosive energy and is highly combustible. Gasoline on the other hand while useful is very limited. It doesn't replenish itself and it is ..

Building a Hydrogen Oxygen Gas Generator

(July 06, 2008)  Doesn't it seem like everyone used to kind of joke about how high the gas prices were getting? That was back when we were hitting $2 a gallon. Today it's no laughing matter. The gas prices are causing dramatic shifts in our economy and it's really starting to hurt the average person. In order to ..

HHO System Plans Explained

(June 25, 2008)  If you're interested in some HHO system plans you may first want to understand WHY they work. HHO generators are a REALLY great way to save gas. They're relatively new in the car modification market so some of the guides out there don't have their facts straight. I'm here to fix that! Have you ever .

Do it Yourself Hydrogen Save Gas With HHO

(June 25, 2008)  Lots of people have been asking me to write an article on a do it yourself hydrogen generator so I thought I'd go ahead and tell what I know from my own personal experiences! First I must say you have GOT to get one of these! Sure they're great for making hydrogen for your home projects but have ..

How a Water Gas Converter Works

(June 25, 2008)  You know I love the United States. But I don't like the price of gas. Oil costs have been digging deeper and deeper into the pockets of all of us and if you're like me I've just about had it. That's until I heard about a water gas converter. You probably learned in chemistry how the molecule ..

Water For Fuel For Sale! But is it Worth It?

(June 24, 2008)  Perhaps you've seen some crazy sounding ads like “Water for Fuel for Sale!" or “HHO Fuel Kits!". If you havn't heard what these are referring to don't feel bad. It's a relatively new gas saving device that is beginning to spread rapidly across the country. What exactly is HHO? Well HHO .

Building Hydrogen Oxygen Gas Generators

(June 23, 2008)  Gas prices SUCK! We shouldn't have to forego hundreds of dollars a month on fuel. The prices have been driven up by greedy investors speculating that oil is a safe long term investment. When more shares are bought, the price rises! It's garbage! If you're like me I'm not willing to just accept ..

The Run Your Car on Water Hoax Debunked!

(June 23, 2008)  The run your car on water hoax is half truth and partially fiction. First I'll focus on the fictional. A while back you may have seen stories in the news stating that a car has been invented that can run purely on water but conveniently left out details of how something so unbelievable could be ..

Water Power Engines Convert Your Car For Cheap!

(June 23, 2008)  Water power engines have been in and out of the news since the 1990's and more recently they've begun to take hold as gas prices are getting out of control. When most people think of “water power engines" they think of something that runs purely on H20. While this CAN be done with a LOT of ..

How to Make a Hydrogen Generator

(June 20, 2008)  As upset as we are about current gas prices, we all know they're here to stay. The only direction gasoline costs will go is up. So what can you do about it? Well the first step is to find alternative sources of energy. Our vehicles use gasoline to cause a small controlled explosion within the ..

Hydrogen Fuel Car Kits Explained

(June 20, 2008)  Interested in what hydrogen fuel car kits can do for you? Well for starters it can reduce your gas expenditures by HALF. Sounds too good to be true? I thought the same thing until I started to research it myself. HHO generators are very REAL and they DO work! Want to know how? Let me explain. ..

Does Brown Gas Work in Cars?

(June 20, 2008)  Brown gas (also known as HHO gas or dirty gas) is a product of using electrolysis on water. When an electrical current is run through water it will split into its original atoms of two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen. These gases have extraordinary energy potential and can be harnessed for ..

HHO Car Kits Start Saving Gas!

(June 20, 2008)  How nice would it be to cut your monthly gas bill in half? With the cost of gasoline at over $4 a gallon people have been seeking ways to effectively lower their costs. A lot of tips have been floating around such as driving slower, coasting to a stop sign, etc. These tips do help but they don't ..


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