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Eco Friendly Performance Computer Chips

(May 20, 2008)  Who would have thought a few months ago that so many people would start inquiring about performance computer chips to aid in saving fuel? With the latest technology available for tuning engines with a laptop and a computer chip, there are many people who are more concerned with the ability to tune ..

Cold Air Intake - A Fuel Saver

(May 20, 2008)  While most people fit a cold air intake for the sole purpose of gaining power and making their vehicle go faster, there is renewed interest in the use of the cold air intake by those people who wish to save fuel due to the prices they are expected to pay these days. The cold air intake increases ..

The Death Of The Super Car

(May 20, 2008)  How many people consider the latest round of fuel prices to be another nail in the coffin of the super cars that are neither practical nor economical? The ‘boutique’ sports car manufacturers have all but fallen by the wayside over the years with only a few of the brands having been ..

How Will Fuel Prices Affect Your Travel Plans?

(May 20, 2008)  There are many business owners in the hospitality industry who are getting nervous about the possibility of a lean time over the summer season as more people are deciding to change their travel plans due to the increasing cost of travel. We are already seeing the affect that the increased price of .

Some Simple Tips To Help Save Gas

(May 20, 2008)  Make sure you have enough pressure in your tires because there is more drag on under inflated tires and that means the engine will be working harder to drive the car along the road. When the engine has to work harder to do the same job it will use more fuel and that is going to cost you more money .

Which Batteries Will Be Driving Your Future?

(May 19, 2008)  There are two types of batteries that are currently used in Hybrid vehicles and Electric vehicles. They are the nickel-hydrogen batteries and the lithium-ion batteries. They both have their good and bad points but the future looks to be in the direction of the latter. The biggest manufacturer of ..

Hybrids Help Toyota To Leadership Of The World

(May 19, 2008)  It's not surprising that Toyota has enjoyed so much success and the fact that they currently have the most popular hybrid vehicle in the world only proves that those who can look to the future will reap the rewards. Not only is the Toyota Prius the most popular and best selling hybrid on the road, .

Electric Race Cars Are Hitting The Race Tracks

(May 19, 2008)  Who would have ever considered that they would be watching motor racing where all of the cars would have electric motors? Well it might sound far fetched but the reality of the situation is, it will be coming to a race track near you sooner than you might think. For years there have been electric ..

Nobody Killed The Electric Car

(May 19, 2008)  Contrary to all the publicity, no one actually killed the electric car. It is alive and well and set to make the biggest comeback of all time when it invades the roads of the world over the coming years and displaces the dinosaurs that petrol and diesel powered cars have become. The first stages ..

Slash Your Gas Bills And Keep The Cash

(May 18, 2008)  With the rate that gas prices are rising at the moment there are a lot of people who are struggling to make ends meet. The added burden of increased fuel costs on top of mortgages and loans has motivated many people to find ways to save gas. The monthly cost of fuel to run the family motor ..


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