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How Do Semi Hybrid Cars Work?

(June 30, 2008)  A semi hybrid car uses what is known as an electrolyzer, or what's commonly known as a hydrogen generator. You can install these in your motor in a weekend. Once you have the conversion guide you may need to stop by your local hardware store to pick up a few bits and pieces, but most can be found ..

Did You Know You Can Supplement Your Gasoline With Water and ...

(June 22, 2008)  Well, I don't mean you exactly pour water into your fuel tank but you install a hydrogen generator in your engine compartment which helps your cars run on water as well as gasoline. Firstly, you need to take a trip down your hardware store if you don't already have the tools needed to install this .

Did You Know You Can Run Cars on Water by Installing a Hydro ...

(June 22, 2008)  That's right. That's exactly what my son and I did last weekend after a short trip down our local hardware store to get the apparatus needed to follow our run cars on water conversion guide. Originally we began by installing the hydrogen generator in the engine compartment. Also known as the ..

Did You Know You Can Convert Your Cars to Run Like Hybrid Cars?

(June 19, 2008)  Last weekend my son and I put together our first semi Hybrid Car Conversion Kit to see how it would work. For just under $120 we collected the material we needed from our local hardware store following the do-it-yourself conversion guide, and managed to piece it all together in about 4 hours. ..

Did You Know That My Cars That Run on Water Are Drastically ...

(June 19, 2008)  I kid you not. I'm not talking about blatantly pouring water in your tank, but I am talking about supplementing your gasoline intake with HH0 so that the family cars can run on water alongside gasoline to stretch your gas intake per mileage by up to 40%. What do you need to do? Quite simply, ..

Best Hybrid Cars Are These a Scam?

(June 17, 2008)  Lets get one thing clear from the start and that is that this article is with relation to the best hybrid cars that supplement their fuel to run on water as well as on gasoline, petrol or diesel. If however you do have a diesel car, truck, land cruiser etc, I will just point out to all diesel ..

What is a Hybrid Car Are These a Scam?

(June 17, 2008)  In its true form a hybrid car would run 100% on water, producing HH0 to burn thus resulting in H20 emissions which would, in a perfect world, be the ideal way to travel. But, unfortunately- that world does not exist, just yet. So, what's being labeled as the new hybrid car at this current time, ..

Did You Know You Can Build a Hydrogen Generator to Run Your ...

(June 17, 2008)  Last month my son and I popped down the local hardware store and for under $120, we purchased the kit needed to follow our water for gas conversion guide. We've subsequently cut our fuel bills by more than half since installing this hydrogen generator and now use water as well as gas. To install a .

Run Your Car on Water - Cheat Rising Gas Prices

(June 08, 2008)  Each day the relentless rise in oil prices is causing car owners to think significantly about how to to run their car more efficiently through sustainable needs. The rise in oil prices show no sign of abating. In less than a year the price of oil per barrel has doubled. In May last year the price ..

How Do I Convert My Car To Run On Water - The Truth

(May 18, 2008)  Your probably familiar with the 2008's Hottest New Trend which is currently flooding the Internet and that is: How to Convert your Car to Run on Water, and subsequently cut your fuel costs. Well, let me explain to you just how this is done. Your water4gas conversion kit can be put together by your .

Run Your Car On Water - Forums Most FAQ's!

(May 14, 2008)  Your probably wondering like myself what is all this hype going around about cars that run on water. High gasoline prices created a similar explosion in the late 1970's with various forms of hybrid, ethanol, concoctions hitting the market. Well, with oil prices soaring through the roof, we're back .

How Do I Convert My Car To Run On Water?

(May 14, 2008)  The following method is what I followed to enable me to convert my car to run on water. Please note that you are still using gasoline alongside HH0 production to run your car. You firstly set up your cell arrangement. A cell is where the electrolyte is heated to produce HH0 which in effect should ..

Run Your Car On Water - 10 Things You Must Get!

(May 14, 2008)  You want to assemble your conversion kit yourself, to run your car on water and extend your mileage and save those pennies! The following are the hardware tools you will need to complete your conversion. 1) An Electrolyzer: Also known as a “Hydrogen Generator". This has spiral electrodes ..

Run Your Car On Water - Fact or Fiction

(May 12, 2008)  In short, both. Run your car on water is one of the hottest trends to hit the U. S market and now the European market since March 2008. Just to add some weight to this claim, there are a number of reputable companies out their offering step by step guides which have profited handsomely from this ..

How My Car Runs On Water

(May 11, 2008)  You've probably seen untold ezine articles or articles in general about how you can run you car on water, but I've seen no real life articles from people actually running their cars on water. So I've decided to tell you about my car that uses this method, so you can have first hand feedback from a ..


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