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What You Need to Know About a Car Model Before you go Shopping

(May 01, 2008)  Once you get serious about buying a specific car, you need to get these 5 in depth facts about the car 1. A record of that car's reliability as well as that cars repair record. 2. If the manufacturer has recalled the car 3. Current owner reviews about their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the .

Pros and Cons of Buying a Used Car

(May 01, 2008)  If you get the right information and look in the right places to shop, most experts agree that buying a used car is a great investment. A used car will be the best value for you transportation budget, and that value can be maximized if the car is only two or three years old. If you think about that .

How to Tell if A Used Car Has been in an Accident

(May 01, 2008)  The overwhelming majority of cars have not been in a major accident. However, according to a report by the television show 60 minutes, there are 1 million cars sold every year that have been a major accident, (I. e. one serious enough to have the insurance company call the car totaled) While this ..

How to Properly Test Drive a Car

(May 01, 2008)  When you have finally picked out the car you want, it is time for the all important test drive. If the seller will not let you drive the car before you buy it, walk away. They are hiding something otherwise. Make it very clear that you want plenty of time behind the wheel before you buy it. If you ..


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