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Cars That Run on Water - Fact or Fiction

(April 13, 2008)  Does the idea of cars that run on water sound preposterous to you? Is it hard to imagine that you can increase your car's fuel efficiency by more than 100 percent just by using a water fuel cell? The fact is an amazing new technology has been developed to allow cars to use water to maximize fuel ..

Is It Possible To Run A Car On Water?

(April 13, 2008)  Does the idea of filling your gas tank with water sound preposterous? Could it really be as easy to run a car on water as it is to run one on gasoline or diesel? If this sounds unbelievable, read about this amazing new technology! Scientists have developed an amazing technology that has been placed .

Improve Your Gas Mileage With A Water Fuel Cell

(April 13, 2008)  Do you feel a little sick every time you pull up to a gasoline pump and fill your car's tank? Are you anxiously awaiting the development of an invention or product that will stop the financial drain caused by the high prices of gas? Now you can improve your car's gas mileage with a water fuel cell. .

Run Your Car On Water And Save Thousands!

(April 13, 2008)  The price of gas has risen astronomically, more than doubling in the past five years. Although scientists claim to be working to develop more efficient motors and better fuel alternatives, they are concealing a critical truth from the public. One of the best kept secrets in modern research is that ..

The Potential of Water Fuel Cars Can Save

(March 29, 2008)  A number of pressing issues are driving Americans to look for ways to reduce their reliance on gasoline-powered vehicles. The price of gas is significantly cutting into people's budgets. Many people no longer want to be dependent on foreign countries for oil. The pollutants that spew from our ..

Water Fuel - Cars That Run On Water?

(March 29, 2008)  Gasoline prices continue to rise, and no one seems to know when they will stop. More and more people are looking for cars and other vehicles that don't use gasoline, or that increase their miles per gallon, but it's not easy to find solutions that solve all the problems. What is really needed is a ..


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