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Honda Ridgeline Gas Mileage - How to Improve it With Minimal ...

(November 08, 2008)  In the year 2008 we have seen record high gas prices and then the prices went back down to pre-2007 prices. People are looking for ways to improve their gas mileage, but yet they want SUVs and trucks still. One of the most popular vehicles in 2008 is the Honda Ridgeline. Let's take a look at how to .

Chevy Truck Gas Mileage - Getting More Miles Per Gallon

(November 08, 2008)  Americans have fuel and the prices of fuel on their minds lately. Most Americans are afraid of what the pumps are going to be priced at when they wake up in the morning. Are they going to be able to afford to go to work, especially if there is a long commute? Many people are required to have a ..

Gas Mileage in Trucks - Getting the Best From Your Pickup

(September 24, 2008)  When you ask about great gas mileage in Trucks most people either roll their eyes or just start laughing. But it is no joke, while you are not going to get the same amount of gas mileage as you will in a tiny hybrid car but some trucks are better in the gas mileage realm than others. When truck ..

Is Honda Civic Gas Mileage Really the Best?

(July 31, 2008)  Honda Civic gas mileage must be really good! Most top ten automobile rankings based on fuel efficiency have put this model on their lists, with majority of them ranking the Civic as the best car in terms of fuel economy. Why is that? What has this model got that others don't? Let's find out. Honda .

Ford Focus Gas Mileage Does the Big Name Live Up to Expectat ...

(July 31, 2008)  Ford Focus gas mileage is, predictably, one of the primary factors examined by potential Ford buyers. The rising cost of fuel has made consumers even more conscious of the fuel efficiency of the cars they drive or the cars they plan to purchase. When it comes to gas mileage, does the Ford name have .

Smart Car Gas Mileage Is it As Smart to Purchase One For Its ...

(July 31, 2008)  Smart car gas mileage might be one of the most important factors that will decide whether the smart automobile will improve its market share. The Daimler automobile is set to make its debut in the United States in 2008 and will soon be joining other eco-automobiles that had suddenly become quite a ..

How to Figure Gas Mileage What You Should Know About Your Car

(July 31, 2008)  Want to know how to figure gas mileage? You should. Knowing how much fuel you consume can help you plan your trips and your expenses on the road. Consequently, this could greatly help you save some money. With the rising costs of fuel burning holes in our pockets, anything that can help minimize ..

What Affects Gas Mileage? 7 Tips on Improving Fuel Efficiency

(July 31, 2008)  If you knew what affects gas mileage, then you will have a better chance of controlling your fuel consumption and minimizing your travel expenses. With the situation concerning fuel prices practically in the red, what you don't know, particularly in relation to gas mileage, will hurt you. To get a ..

Tax IRS Gas Mileage What Every Motor Vehicle Owner Should Know

(July 30, 2008)  Knowing what tax IRS gas mileage is all about is important to every motor vehicle owner. No matter if your vehicles are used for business, for medical purposes or for charity, you can still save some money by knowing what the Internal Revenue Service rules are for gas mileage. On June 2008, the ..

Gas Mileage Reimbursement Rate For Business Vehicles

(July 29, 2008)  The gas mileage reimbursement rate has been raised to 58.5 cents a mile for the last six months of 2008, as announced by the Internal Revenue Service. The increase, says the IRS, was meant to alleviate the impact of rising gas prices on the income of American taxpayers and vehicle owners and ..

High Gas Mileage Cars Ultra Savings From Fuel Efficiency

(July 29, 2008)  High gas mileage cars provide a lot of benefits. From lesser fuel expenses to tax deductions to helping minimize air pollution, these automobiles are definitely good investments. Getting the best gas mileage, though, does not mean you have to spend a lot to purchase a fuel efficient automobile. ..

Best Mpg SUV - Getting the Best Out of Your Sports Utility V ...

(July 28, 2008)  The SUV's are basically recognized as the flashy automobiles that atypically consume high amounts of gas. Since these sports utility cars are using large amounts of gas as fuel, they can be categorized as trucks, even though they have been used as passengers cars. The SUV has notoriously been known .

High Gas Mileage Cars Ultra Efficient Models That Are Light ...

(July 27, 2008)  Having cars or motorcycles is very essential in our life. This extends to ‘new breed’ vehicles such as hybrid and hydrogen powered cars. Are you aware of the gas price lately? All of us want to have a car that is capable of good gas mileage. People that are in the market of buying a new .

Smart Car Mpg Highway Performance For Two

(July 27, 2008)  Some have followed the development of Daimler AG's tiny and trendy smart car, but you would certainly wonder about the safety of these vehicles. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety or the IIHS has been recently conducted tests for smart car mpg. The smart for-two has found to be good as it ..

Gas Mileage Reimbursement Rates Applied to Businesses

(July 27, 2008)  As mentioned by the IRS, several business and the others due to a high gas prices may claim the increase of gas mileage reimbursement. As told by the tax agency, the optional universal rate to compute the deductible operating expenses for business vehicles will increase from 50.5 cents per mile to ..

Doing Gas Mileage Comparisons Before Purchasing a Vehicle

(July 25, 2008)  When buying a car of any types proper comparisons are needed to get the best car according to your budget. Aside from comparing the price the other best thing to do is the gas mileage comparisons. This process compares the mileage of the car per gallon of gas or more known as MPG. This is the rate ..

Dodge Truck 4x4 Dakota For Superior Handling and Braking Cap ...

(July 17, 2008)  By all available indications, the best Dodge truck 4x4 is the Dakota in all of its incarnations. The Dodge Dakota has been a favorite since its inception. For purposes of this article, we are going to discuss the specifications of the 2007 Dodge Dakota, which is a favorite because it is the only ..

New Truck Mpg Get Ready For the 35 Miles Per Gallon Models

(July 17, 2008)  All the talk nowadays is about the gas prices, constantly there are brands that are not only trying to come up with a car or truck that does not run on gas at all, but they are inventing new trucks that have great miles per gallon (mpg). GM has recently come out with a new truck mpg of thirty; they .

Diesel Truck MPG Beating Gasoline Engines For More Miles Per ...

(July 17, 2008)  Often times the diesel engine truck is used to haul very heavy items, opting to pick a diesel engine will not only benefit for the heavy load, but it will also help with the miles per gallon (mpg). Diesel truck mpg is much better than that of gasoline engines. While regular unleaded gasoline runs ..

Best Gas Mileage Pickup Truck Top 5 by Ranking Revealed

(July 17, 2008)  Not only is the economy severely faltering right now but gas prices are through the roof and there seems to be no end in site. An increasing number of states are already seeing prices that are in danger of skyrocketing right past five dollars per gallon. As such, it is vitally important to find the .

Hybrid Pickup Trucks Benefits of Switching As Gas Costs Soar

(July 17, 2008)  The current economy is making a lot of people consider the benefits of hybrid vehicles, including hybrid pickup trucks. Some people, however, are not very well informed as to what hybrid vehicles even are or what they do, which can make them a bit leery about even considering one. Between the ..

Diesel Pickup Trucks Popular Models That Save You Money on G ...

(July 17, 2008)  Because gas prices are climbing at a steady and steep rate, a lot of people who require the use of pickup trucks for their personal or professional lives find themselves suffering. Generally, those people who use trucks on a daily basis, especially for their jobs, need such a big vehicle because ..

Better Gas Mileage Tips For Battling Exorbitant Costs at the ...

(July 17, 2008)  Right now, with gas prices so exorbitantly high, everyone could do with some better gas mileage tips. The good news is that there are quite a few of them and they are very easy to follow. In most cases, it is just a matter of changing the way you think and changing how you drive. That may sound ..

School Bus Rental The Yellow Bus Company

(July 15, 2008)  If you have somewhere to go with a class or with specific children, you don't just have to do it by hoping enough individuals will be able to have their family drive them to school. One of the ways that you can get to your destination is by using school bus rental. This will give you the ability to .

International Truck MPG Why US Domestic Ratings Differ

(July 08, 2008)  There are many differences between domestic US trucks and international trucks. One of them is that international truck mpg (miles per gallon) figures are rated much higher than their US counterparts for the same class and type of truck. This specific difference is due to many reasons. These ..


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