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Used Car Shopping The 3 Biggest Mistakes Made When Dealing W ...

(December 25, 2008)  Used car shopping isn't a whole lot different than shopping for a home - both require research and careful consideration before you try to make a deal. Those who fail to do their homework before signing the paperwork often end up spending thousands more than they should have and may spend thousands .

How to Connect With Other Willy's Jeepers

(December 08, 2008)  Willy's owners aren't like anyone else. Some people just don't understand the thrill of finding an old Jeep and installing a few Willy's Jeep parts to turn this classic piece of American automotive history into a functioning offroad vehicle. So how do you find other Willy's owners? Join Regional ..

Getting Better Mileage From Your Willys Pick Up

(September 30, 2008)  We love a lot of things about our pick ups and jeeps, but there is one thing Willys owners don't love and that's the mileage. These vehicles aren't designed for fuel efficiency and gas is quite a bit more expensive than it was when they were built. Although your Willy isn't ever going to sip gas, ..

A Review of the 2009 Ford Escape Hybrid

(September 21, 2008)  Auto dealers are looking forward to the release of the 2009 Ford Escape Hybrid. Many of the things that received harsh reviews in 2008 have been redesigned and tweaked by the automaker to put this vehicle back towards the top. Auto sales lots have seen this version sporting new additions to its ..

Tips For Improving the Gas Mileage of a Used Car

(July 21, 2008)  With sky rocketing gas prices, many people are turning to new vehicles rather than purchasing gas guzzling used cars. Virginia Beach gas stations are charging a dollar more per gallon than they did a year ago and this means wasting fuel is going to eat at your wallet regardless of how new or old ..

The Ins and Outs of Replacing Willys Jeep Tires

(July 14, 2008)  When it comes time to buy new Willys Jeep tires there are a few pieces of advice to follow to ensure you get the best tires for the job while maintaining the look of your Jeep. Should You Buy NDT Tires? There is some debate about whether jeepers should stick with the classic military NDT Willys ..

Do You Want to Start Your Own Custom Harley Shop?

(June 08, 2008)  Many people dream of owning a business, and turning a hobby into a profession can seem like the ideal way to realize that dream. If you like to build and fix your own Harley Davidson, you could turn your passion for motorcycles into a lucrative opportunity. The subject of starting a business is ..

Why Settle For Average When You Can Have a Car Built To Your ...

(February 25, 2008)  As a result of the increasing functionality of the internet, we as customers can afford to be as choosy as we'd like and still get our way when it comes to buying new or used cars. Today, we don't have to settle for the cars on the local car lots, we can find a car matching our exact specs on any ..


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