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Running at Night

(May 21, 2010)  Due to the fact that I haven't been able to get myself out of bed early in the mornings like I used to as well as the fact that the weather is now approaching summer time temperatures of more than 85 degrees each day, my only other viable alternative is to go for my runs at nighttime after ..

Sharing the Road With Others

(May 21, 2010)  Sharing the road has long been a problem between motorists and pedestrians. Whether you are a runner, a person walking or a cyclist, there is no doubt that there are some people out there who, while driving, simply do not care or do not pay enough attention to what is going on around them. When I .

Driving Around With Children

(May 21, 2010)  As the world becomes more populated and the friends that we grew up with start having children of their own, we will be forced to deal with an entirely new set of parents on the roadway. These parents will be multi-tasking between not only transporting their kids around but also playing around ..

Tailgating and the Dangers it Causes

(May 20, 2010)  Tailgating is one of the biggest pet peeves that I have when it comes to driving, and I know that this is something that is shared not only by me but by other drivers all around the United States. For a while, when I first earned my driver's license, it was all I could do to not simply just slam ..

Rubbernecking and Traffic

(May 02, 2010)  If there is one thing that I absolutely cannot stand when it comes to driving and driving nuances, it is rubbernecking. Rubbernecking, also known as ‘bumper to bumper', is when there is something going on on the roadway that is so distracting that everyone has to stop and/or slow down just ..

License to Drive

(May 02, 2010)  One of the highlights of most teenagers’ (as well as some adults) lives is when they get their driver's license. When I was seventeen years old and first earned my license to drive, I was unstoppable. Even though I still didn't have my own car, it was nice to be able to occasionally borrow ..

Vacationing Away From Home

(May 02, 2010)  Recently, my boyfriend and I were talking to some of his family members as well as some of our friends about the upcoming summer and how excited we are. As it turns out, a bunch of people we know are all going to be reserving vacation houses on the beach. While we are excited for them, we are also .

Saving Your Gasoline

(April 25, 2010)  I had just purchased a brand new Jeep Liberty and no sooner had I made this exciting purchase that the air was quickly let out of the balloons when only a few weeks later, the United States economy took a serious nose dive, causing the gas prices to shoot up during the summer. I was devastated- ..

Cars on the Road

(April 25, 2010)  Lately, the traffic near where my boyfriend has gotten so bad that we now don't even bother to venture out until rush hour is over or until we know that it is safe to go out in our cars. When we do have to run an errand and we don't have a choice but to do it during rush hour, it is all that we can .

Loud Cars

(April 25, 2010)  Have you ever stopped at a red light and had another car pull up beside you with the music blaring so loudly that you thought for sure that your windows would break? Depending on where you live, you will find that this is often the case with young people or with people of different ethnic makeups. ..


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