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Can Feng Shui Make You Happy?

(July 28, 2008)  Get Happy With Feng Shui! Many people believe that in order to be happy the must first completely change their environment. Redecorate, renovate, buy expensive furnishings, after all Happiness is always someplace else and just around the corner. It is often believed that happiness cannot be ..

Dorm Room Feng Shui!

(June 21, 2008)  The typical Dorm room is anything but comfortable. Most are described as more prison cell like then somewhere that knowledge can be nurtured and grown. The aim of Feng Shui is to set up the best possible environment for us to surround ourselves with. For a student, if their environment is set up ..

Feng Shui For a Great Summer!

(June 21, 2008)  The summer months are full of fun Yang Energy! Fantastic moving vibrant natural energy that can revitalize your soul after a long yin energy winter. Experience the joy of colour, natural beauty, invigorating scents and incredible movement throughout the summer months! 1. Balance your fun! Summer ..

How to Feng Shui a Student Desk

(June 21, 2008)  As a student, you spend a great deal of time working at your desk. If your in a dorm - it may be the biggest space you actually have! Desks have Feng Shui of their own! Follow long and learn how to set up your desk in order to gain the maximum in positive energy! A well defined desktop will bring ..

Feng Shui Your Home For Better Study Habits

(June 21, 2008)  Good Feng Shui can be realized anywhere! Even if you don't have your own desk or study area. The goal of Feng Shui is to create an environment where your child can feel happy, health and encouraged to learn. Their environment can not only help them succeed in school but also can help nature an ..

Summer Fun Feng Shui Tips For Your Pet!

(June 21, 2008)  Pets are very good Feng Shui! Pets represent moving energy and therefore enhance the energy flow in your home. Your beloved friend is helping boost the positive chi flow that surrounds you so why not do the same for him? Your pet can benefit from good Feng Shui just as much as you! Follow these ..

Activate Good Feng Shui Energy Get Moving!

(June 21, 2008)  Do you wake up feeling happy, refreshed, full of energy and ready to start the day? When we Feng Shui our space our goal is to create a balanced environment that will give us place to feel nurtured and allow positive energy to surround us, but we can't stop there. Our environment can't do it all ..

Happiness For Good Feng Shui!

(June 21, 2008)  It's hard to put yourself first in todays world. The world is moving at a rapid pace - cell phones, laptops, your child's extracurricular activities, your spouse, the dog, your parents, your volunteer group - the list never ends. Many of you feel like your spinning out of control. You finally ..


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