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A Dechlorinating Shower Filter Does Not Provide the Protecti ...

(October 11, 2008)  You should only buy a dechlorinating shower filter that also removes THMs, chlorination byproducts. Most of them do not. They came on the market initially as a cosmetic aid. Beauty experts advised their clients about the affects of chlorine on the hair and skin. Before showerhead systems came on ..

Compare Reverse Osmosis to Sub Micron Filtration Water Treat ...

(July 25, 2008)  In my role as a water expert, I have had many requests for a reverse osmosis water treatment comparison. My reply is usually, something like, “compared to what", since there are so many other purification steps that are necessary. So, here, I'll compare a home unit that includes the step to ..

Is a Reverse Osmosis Water Dispenser More Effective Than a M ...

(July 24, 2008)  A reverse osmosis water dispenser may not be the right choice for your family. There are many things to consider before you buy reverse osmosis water filtering systems. We'll look at some of them here in this article. First, you should decide if you actually need a reverse osmosis water dispenser. .

Reverse Osmosis Water Units Remove All Or Only Some Water Co ...

(July 24, 2008)  Reverse osmosis water units are one choice for homeowners. Public facilities use reverse osmosis systems, so it is not a necessary investment for families serviced by public utilities. There are other less expensive systems that actually do more to protect your safety. Only families that live in ..

Water Purification Process 3 Major Steps Required to Remove ...

(June 19, 2008)  The water purification process may seem complicated at first, but it's really not rocket science. Basically, there are three major steps that need to be included when you explain water purification. First, an effective water purification process should remove parasites, such as giardia and ..


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