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DIY Solar Water Heater A Simple Do it Yourself Solar Hot Wat ...

(July 28, 2008)  Using a solar water heater makes the most economic sense almost anywhere in the world especially now that the prices of fossil fuels are at a very high level. Building your own solar water heater is a very good option, and there are a number of resources where you can find DIY(do it yourself) solar .

How Do Solar Panels Work? Use Homemade Solar Panels and Cells

(July 25, 2008)  With the fact that electric bills nowadays have reached outrageous heights, people have been searching for a way to generate electricity that would result to more savings. There is actually one solution and that is through the use of solar power, specifically through the so called solar panels. ..

Solar Power Roof Shingles, Tiles and Panels Harness Solar En ...

(July 25, 2008)  Solar Roofing Shingles/Tiles are wonderful approach to harness the endless power of the sun, and is environmentally friendly for producing free electricity. They are like regular asphalt shingles which have a special photovoltaic substance in a thin film on the the top, and which can transform ..


  • Evening over the city
  • A Chaotic World
  • The Home Depot/Former Builders Square - Manassas (West), VA: Nursery/Garden Center
  • The Home Depot/Former Builders Square - Manassas (West), VA
  • summer evening
  • Summer evening